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I have seen Sam Zell evaluated on CNBC and on other TV outlets over time and am always came away thinking how smart he or she was. Zell is a true iconoclast and follow the herd mentality. Clearly this has held him or her in good stead as he has become a billionaire. I actually acquired his book as soon as I realized it was being published as I figured there was a lot to learn from him. His / her wisdom seemed pretty simple and homespun, although like Warren Buffet, the man is shrewd and understands how to assess risks.

Following reading the book what really comes through as setting Zell apart is how he does not follow the herd mentality. The man is a true clear thinker. This is not a man who makes his selections from listening to the often ill-informed talking minds in the media. This individual does his homework and then makes his very own choices. He does a good-job of explaining his philosophy, including giving examples. In order to his credit, Zell discusses not merely his successes, but he also talks about his mistakes, namely his investment in the Tribune Company and in parenting, for examples, because you often lean more from your failures.

Ultimately you should judge a guide that dispenses advice about how practical the advice is and whether there is anything at all actionable to take away. He gives a lot of insights that are good, but additionally that any experienced entrepreneur already knows: work hard, have good ethics, do your homework, not in favor of the crowd. What models the book apart (and I’m gathering Zell as well) is how he or she tells the story and thinks only a little little differently. The nuances and details are often important, and the little things Zell points out as training I found the most meaningful. Surprising, for a captain of industry, Zell preaches being nice to everyone; and he describes why you do not have to be a jerk and get in people’s encounters to be successful. This does not mean shirking from the reality and being direct, as the book’s title says, but getting the right balance as Zell outlines has obviously worked for him or her. Having read dozens of books by entrepreneurs and people over thirty years, I found this to be one of the best.

The advice is there for the taking, the question is do nearly all of us have the fortitude to stick with something you believe in when everyone is telling you that you will be wrong?, In this text Sam Zell provides us not only his memoir but additionally his investment successes (and one major failure in newspaper publishing). The latter area of the guide details his philosophies on business, investments, people and life.
I actually have always enjoyed watching Mr. Zell's CNBC performances and I was so pleased to learn he lately published this book. I actually was not disappointed. If anything the stories and lessons gleamed from the book made me convey more admiration for him, the Maverick Investor., A very interesting look into the whys, and, the wherefores, of the rise and guiding principals of a 'quiet' titan of the American financial system.
Mister. Zell is direct in his presentation, but not in a offensive manner.
He tells the reader what he performed in several situations or opportunities as he refers to them, and why selection the selections he did; not all to his profit.
The readers is presented with man who is pragmatic in his approach, and, engagement in, the American economy.
This work is a worthwhile read., Sam Zell is the real deal, and Feel I Being Too Delicate is a refreshingly candid look at the life of one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs of our time. Sam Zell is who he is and makes no bones about it. His story is relatable and should serve as inspiration to anyone and everyone who wants to create a life as an entrepreneur. This is a must read for individuals who want to leverage their gifts to create a difference and deliver value during their time on Earth!, Simply not a fun read. I actually tried to get through the whole thing some great stories but nothing really that makes you sit down back and think. Anticipated more, My first read of Sam Zell - wonderful beyond words - loved every page great delivery of methods and means of his success!, A thrilling personal story of what results in success in America. These insights into an immigrant family's success are exhilarating., Sam dives into his business and personal philosophy which are quite intertwined. Excellent peak in to the mind of an amazing human being. His solid concepts are what guide his personal/business life and his investing career, both of which have been extremely successful. Very hard not to love this guy!

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