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Inside the ALZHEIMER'S SOLUTION, doctors Dean and Ayesha Sherzai give us the bad news first: “There is reason to be afraid” they mention. Deaths due to Alzheimer’s have “increased by almost 87 pct in the last decade. ” The particular disease is also amazingly expensive, costing 6 billion dollars in the United Declares alone.

The early chapters of the book present the biology of the illness, including a discussion of how the brain is influenced, and what type of external influences can prevent the damage. The good news (and surprising, to me) is that there is a LOT that we can do: “Ninety pct of us can avoid ever getting Alzheimer’s. ”

Before reading this book, I wanted to find out the qualifications of the authors. (I suspected we were holding not true medical medical doctors. ) I stand remedied. The two are top researchers in the field of Alzheimer’s, and directed the Alzheimer’s research program at Cedars Sinai of Los Angeles—a world course institution.

A key to appreciating the conclusions stated in this book is the question of HOW performed the doctors conclude that lifestyle could so drastically reduce the odds of getting Alzheimer’s? How did they see things that other doctors did not?

The solution is, the authors were in a special place. These people were doctors at Montículo Linda University, where they were able to study two radically different organizations. Their patients from Montículo Linda—the “healthy group, ” were mainly Seventh-day Adventists, who had drastically different diets, exercised regularly, and had good social connections. They were“some of the healthiest people in the world. ” In distinction, the other group included patients in San Bernardino, an “underserved area plagued by chronic disease. ”

Right after years of working and studying both groups, the doctors found that “People living a healthy lifestyle had a much lower prevalence of dementia. “ The Adventist population, on average, lived ten years extended than others. A similar lifestyle that promoted a proper coronary heart and kidneys “also made an appearance to be beneficial for the brain. "

The particular doctors formed these results:
• Eating meat is harmful to your brain.
• Physical exercise increases both the number of brain tissues and the connections between them.
• Chronic stress puts the brain in a state of high inflammation, creating strength damage.
• Restorative sleep is essential for cognitive and overall health.
• Higher education and other complex cognitive activities protect your brain against decrease.
• Interpersonal support comes with an undeniable influence on the way your mind ages.

The authors developed a plan to promote the necessary changes in lifestyle. These people call the plan, " NEURO. " Here's the plan essentials:
• Nutrition: A whole-food, plant-based diet low in sugar, salt, and processed foods.
• Physical exercise: An active lifestyle that incorporates movement every hours.
• Relax: Stress management in the form of meditation, yoga, mindful breathing exercises.
• Restore: More effective to eight hours of regular, detoxifying sleep.
• Optimize: Multimodal activitiesthat challenge many of the brain’s capacities

A big chapter is dedicated to each aspect. I was most interested in the Nutrition chapter. There, I found the “Top Twenty Brain-Nourishing Foods, ” as well since the “Top Ten Foods in order to avoid Processed Foods, and “10 Tips For Eating At Restaurants, And “Best Brain-Healthy Snacks. ”

The “Optimize” chapter was also helpful. I had always thought that doing puzzles was among the best mind exercises; however, the doctors possess some better recommendations. They suggest activities that use a broader part of your brain, to “engage multiple cognitive domain names at the same time. ”

The section on sleep had numerous recommendations, and this warning: “Chronic poor sleep and lack of sleep . both cause substantial harm to the brain. ” The particular authors include a concise, “Techniques To get a Better Night’s Sleep, ” with tips like these:
• Normalize Your Sleep Schedule
• Avoid Eating Late at Night
• Avoid Certain Drinks Crowded to Bedtime
• Avoid Exercising Prior to Sleep, But Be Certain to Exercise Earlier in the Day
• Low Light through the night, Bright Light During the Day
• Avoid Playing Games, Watching Stimulating Movies, and Working on your iPad in Your bed

So all in all, I found THE ALZHEIMER'S SOLUTION to be an encouraging, practical book. Moreover, it is an IMPORTANT book. I actually was already familiar with some of the studies on diet and exercise, but I had no idea that lifestyle could so drastically reduce the odds of getting this wretched disease.

Keep in mind that it is difficult to conclusively PROVE that one thing causes another. Simply because 2 things are correlated, that does not prove that one causes the other. It’s a high bar to attain. Nevertheless, the authors make a convincing case for the suggested lifestyle changes. I am implementing many of the lifestyle changes listed in this book, and am also encouraging my spouse to do the same. To see where you might benefit, there is an easy-to-do “Alzheimer’s Remedy Risk Assessment” that recognizes areas for possible lifestyle change.

Advance Review Copy courtesy of the publisher., This book is a crucial breakthrough on several different fronts. First, it shows that cognitive decrease and dementia are almost always an event of lifestyle. This has massive implications when the population is aging and dementia is the one disease that is growing in a almost unsustainable rate. The notion that all of us can actually make choices now that will reduce our risk of cognitive decrease and dementia is ground-breaking and critical because the current rate of dementia could bankrupt the health system let alone the country, if it continues to develop at predicted pace.

Second of all, the book is a brilliant promotion for the notion of lifestyle as medicine. One of the failings of our medical system is it snacks disease and dysfunction as something that happens to us and is over and above our control when, for the most part, that is a convenient lay. Our health is very much based on our lifestyle choices and the earlier we recognize that and learn to practice health care somewhat than symptomatic disease proper care, the higher off we will all be. To the end the authors should be commended for not simply writing a book summarizing the latest research but have also ensured that this is an acceptable guide for anyone who is willing to improve their health by changing their choices. Certainly, one of the best parts of the book is the way the Sherzais have arranged out their habit change section. It truly is filled with great practical tips but uses what we find out about the neuroscience of finding out how to give any willing reader the tools to change their health behaviors, and in so doing reduce their dementia risk. I recommend you read it while you still can -- you will preserve your mind in the process., This particular is an enlightening, strengthening, and hope-giving book. While it providers the reader with a one-stop reference book on the disease, the beauty (and the breakthrough) is that it converts decades of research and data into an doable game plan to prevent the disease, or to change symptoms for many who may be living with it. But this isn't merely a book about Alzheimer's - it's really a roadmap for people all to live better, much healthier and more fulfilling lives no matter our starting point., The book has a lot of convincing facts to alter my way of eating. It's an easy and interesting read and I've already tried several of the recipes which taste surprisingly good! This gets slightly repetative in places but it just convinces me more to move in the direction of a plant-based diet to improve my mental and physical health. Very good an informative book!, I indexed this book being very skeptical in the beginning. But this can be quite a amazing eye-opening book that may convert the way we view Dementia and Alzheimer's Condition. Dean And Ayesha have provided a proven path and validated methods to prevent the onset of Alzheimer's and has put the power in our own hands to help control our own future. In case followed closely, their NeuroProgram will change lives for the better and help us all achieve a healthier getting older process. I'm excited get started the journey towards healthy aging and protecting against the onset of Dementia and/Or Alzheimer's, which is obviously connected to our diet, lifestyle and not simply genetics which we have been advised for years. This is book will alter lives and be an incredible positive force in how we approach combatting, protecting against and treating Alzheimer's Disease. This is a book for everyone and it's written in a manner that people from many reading levels may easily comprehend and follow.

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