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Each time I read the next book in The Sullivans series I swear it's my favorite. Always On My Mind is no exception. Lori has always been a force of nature throughout the series. She's a lighthearted mischief makerwho embraces eac new member of the family without reservation. Poor Grayson, he never stood a chance once Lori crashed into his life. Your dog is surly, bossy and stunning but drowning in his grief. Lori manages, from the first moment, to enhance every one of his buttons. The harder this individual tries to get her to leave a lot more decided she is to stay. If they finally give in to their feelings for each other their passion is off the charts.

I laughed out loud and shed tears while reading this book. Each of the The Sullivans publications is truly a value. The strong family character types woven throughout are fabulous. Rereading the entire series is definitely in my future., It's time to say goodbye to the Sullivan's of San Francisco. Naughty has met her match and has finally found the love of her life.

After finally seeing what kind of scum Victor is, Lori "Naughty" Sullivan runs out on the dance troupe and Victor and heads back to California. But, she aren't go home. She aren't face her family and the questions that they will have on her. The lady just wants to be alone, start a new life without dance and "be". After being advised how wonderful Pescadero, CA is, she decides to brain out there and see what it's all about. The stop in the Basic Store leads her to a ranch that's buying "Farmhand". Well, what a change that could be - from dancer to farmhand. The lady couldn't request anything better.

Grayson heard the auto tires, heard the squawking of the chickens and then watched because the car crashed into his fence post. Who could this be? Everyone knows he really does not want anyone on his farm - he's a loner and made sure that everyone knew that. Enter a beautiful, brown-haired female wearing white tights and a multi-colored sequined top that took his inhale away and had him shouting about all the commotion! Time to eliminate her, and fast. He doesn't desire a woman around to make his life complicated.

Nicely, of course, Naughty has other plans - she actually is going to be his farmhand whatever kind of person he is, no matter how mean and gruff he could be, no issue how stunning he is. She'll prove to him that she's not just some pampered little girl, even if this means scrubbing his toilet, mucking the pig sty and chasing hens! After losing his spouse, he just wants peacefulness and quiet and this female would be only trouble. But, after agreeing to a trial, giving her all the dirty careers he could think of, as being a mean, nasty son-of-a-bitch, Grayson finally gives upwards, gives in and will get what he's wanted from the minute he put eyes on Lori - her legs wrapped around his hips.

Yes, you gotta love "Naughty" and how she gives as effective as she gets. Well, you kind of have to growing up one of eight with 6 brothers. But , everyone agrees, Kinky any of a kind, a free-spirit with a mouth and temper that can rival the best. Now, all this wounderful woman has to do if discover how to break through Grayson, to get him to let go of his past, to get him to love again. And, Grayson needs to come to conditions with his feelings for Lori and how bad he really wants her. Once those two achievements are accomplished, their lives could move forward - together - forever.

I had so many different feelings while reading "Always in the Mind". I was melancholy when I started the book just knowing that Naughty was it for our Sullivan's. But the storyline was unbelievable and made me tear upwards more than once. To look at Lori fall out of love with dancing and having Grayson fighting his feelings on her from the beginning was heart-wrenching. Sure, your heart breaks for Lori but you know, deep down, that the lady will come bouncing again one way or another. And, Grayson, what a wonderful, loving, generous, nice man he turned out there to be after this individual finally gave in to his feelings for her. And, the ending - well, there is no way I am giving that away! I will just say that Lori gets what she truly, truly deserved and, if you didn't fall in love with Grayson before then, well you will now.

Ms. Andre, say thanks to you so much for these wonderfully written, thrilling and sexy series. I fell slightly in love with each of the Sullivan men and absolutely reverred all of the Sullivan woman. Mary Sullivan, our matriarch does deserve an HEA and I was so happy to see that you are proceeding to let her know story. Exactly what a wonderful, warm human being she is - the caretaker that we all wished we had! As for your Epilogue, well, I cried like a infant. It was so very touching and moving as you started to bring in us to Rafe while saying good-bye to Marcus, Smith, Chase, Gabe, Zach, Ryan and Sophie (Nice) and all their significant others. I reminisced right with her remembering each of their stories., I was introduced to Bella's work and the Sullivan's by one of my favorite creators Carly Phillips. I thought I'd give her work a try and I'm so glad I do! I wound up reading the first 5 books in the Sullivan series in a week. And I have pre-ordered each of the following books in this series so I could read them as soon as possible. I highly recommend all of Bella's work! She writes reports that get you hooked right from the beginning. Characters you'll absolutely adore. "Always On My Mind" is also a winner for Bella! I'm really looking forward to reading about the Sullivan cousins next!: ), The particular series of "The Sullivan's" is one of the most fun, well-written, and interesting series you will find! The Sullivan women and men and the men and women who love them are all high achievers and strong, fascinating people. This story of Lori, one of the Sullivan twins and a famous dancer, is so special! Because of a embarrassing breakup, Lori suddenly results in her show and operates. She ends up in a small town, deciding to improve her profession. Seeing an ad for a farmhand, she manipulates her way into a job she knows practically nothing about. Unfortunately for Lori, the boss and operator of the ranch, Grayson, is young, hot, and rude. Lori is a saint to put upwards with obnoxious Grayson, but she does such a good job at whatever Grayson asks her to do; he can't fire her! Grayson was just fighting the love this individual felt for her. This specific is a funny, well-written, and interesting romance., I read this book in under a day. I just couldn't put it down. This specific is the eighth publication in the Sullivan Loved ones Series. I have read all of them and I was surprised once again with each one how romantic these stories are. The street is never easy but then why exactly should it be? I cried, I laughed, I cheered, and I fell in love with this couple. If you have not read any of these books you don't know very well what you are lacking. Bella Andre is an amazing author. I aren't wait to read the next book in the series and the one after that and the one after that. Yes, the Sullivan's have a very large family and I for one am very grateful for that., What a way to conclusion a series! Im still processing it all... the love of family and the trip for the one great love was absolutely amazing. It keeps me yearning to get more... i like these kind of stories... so inspiring and packed with love that will make you heart explode of overpowering greatness, of this wonderful feeling that keeps you alive.

Cant wait for really #Sullivan stories! #awesomeread #addictive

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