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The book is written four years after his vacation to the Antarctic but he or she remembers it vividly and includes many notes from his diary during that time. I love reading books from long in the past as a result of verbage they use. This is very old world and really makes you ponder about how language has changed. That being said, it is a super easy read. Admiral Byrd recieve more fortitude than I probably actually will. His fine balance between running the stove which was poisoning your pet with carbon monoxide and leaving it off while trying to survive the cool was very heart aching. It really makes you feel for the guy. His / her description of the internal walls of the log cabin slowly becoming more and more encased in snow everyday was bone relaxing. I read this book in Texas in the midst of summer and I swear I acquired cool whenever I began to read it. There is a tiny amount of mundane jargon available that is technological based like weather observations and readings but this is his sole objective for the trip so I don't feel it detracts much from the story despite it's repetitiveness., The story of Richard Byrd's encampment at Enhance Base plays out on two levels: 1) surviving in a chilly environment that allows no margin for error and 2) the psychology of dealing with the isolation and weakening physical ability, while seeking to maintain normalcy to his subordinates at Tiny America.

I found the descriptions of the structure of Advance Base and the technology of the time -- the clothing, tractors, meteorological instruments, radios -- fascinating. In this modern age of technology, it's difficult to visualize the almost primitive equipment and the difficulty keeping it operating in the deplorable climate of an Antarctic winter.

The afterword by Kevin Mulvaney provides an informative summary of Byrd's life and their complexities and controversies, painting a context for this adventure. He adds a perspective that's helpful to judging Byrd's narrative for the balance of integrity and preserving his satisfaction., On the surface, I actually wondered what sort of book about being alone in a shack during an Antarctic winter could be at all interesting, but Byrd is a very gifted writer, and even before his near death experience, I found this guide fascinating. A big thumbs up from this readers, for a truly unique memoir., I ordered this Kindle edition was it was your daily special a few days ago only because I had heard about it and found a good possibility to get it.

After reading it and the mini-biography at the ending I actually think Byrd's decision to man the station by yourself was a foolish one designed to make a name for himself. He did, despite his protestations, put his support team at risk in the advance rescue. I do believe he or she realised at some stage that he had made a mistake.

With that palinode it was a fascinating read. Most intriguing were his self reflections on issues like religion and family as he contemplated what was really important.

Zero matter what motivated your pet or the wisdom for making such a decision the book reflects the indomitable human spirit and the ability to overcome tremendous and seeming overwhelming difficulties.

It is a page turner, especially the times of waiting for the support team to appear., I started reading this book in the Electronic book reader format, I just couldn't put it down. An excellent true story about Admiral Richard Byrd, his trials and tribulations of his 1931 expedition to Antarctica and the North Pole. Maybe in current times with long lasting housing in those regions almost anything is possible in conditions of exploration. This is 1931 and even though they'd the best of the best for that time frame I actually don't know how he or she survived. The story identifies not only his daily routine of weather observation, radio contact and diet, it also goes into his inner mental fortitude, attitude and thought process which is what really held him alive as he or she manned the forward observation post for well over three months in temperatures of sometimes just - 80 degrees below zero, this is very a good read I enjoyed it quite a bit., This particular was a gift, but was told it was a fascinating read., First book that I have read in a long time. Not generally the kind of book I actually would normally read. my interest lay in the strangeness of Antarctica which is being toted about on the net. Simply a survival story here and yet for me, hard to put down. very interesting read., A fascinating history about a man who some considered an hero and others a wanna be hero who told many lies about his feats.

Regardless of the public viewpoint about Byrd, this book is a very haunting and interesting book in regards to a very unsafe folly that the man with something to prove to the world tried.

The point that he wrote the guide is proof he made it the adventure.

Besides Byrd's mixed public images this is definitely a interesting, compelling and haunting tale of survival.

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