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This can be a story about two homeless souls and their breakthroughs in life. When a solidified old lady becomes homeless by no fault of the girl own she is forced to are now living in her van. Traveling a teen ager flees from being sold into prostitution by escaping into the old lady's truck, much against either's will. Thus begins the trip through Highway One. We have taken the routes they took through California, Oregon, Washington. It was delightful to travel the way again, but more delightful was watching the friendship began. The ending made me cry, and I don't cry easily. Well thought out and told. I'd give it a five if I could., This specific story is about an unusual friendship between young teenager Allie, and seniors recluse Bea. Allie's parents have been arrested for tax fraud, leaving Allie to fend for their self in the juvenile the courtroom system. When her life is threatened, Allie is forced to run away, where she encounters an even greater danger in the world of human trafficking. She chooses her only option is to take her chances on the streets.
Bea is in a situation where the girl finds herself homeless after falling for a telephone scam and losing almost everything she owns. Bea decides her only option is to pack the girl recliner chair and the girl cat into her truck ands live that way, until she can determine another option. When Allie's and Bea's paths mix late one night, it's the beginning of an adventure that will change both of them, as they learn to break down barriers and trust one another on their journey northward along the California-Oregon-Washington coast. The scenery and activities are so accurately referred to that the reader feels transported in to the van right along with the primary characters.
This history would make an excellent motion picture! Highly recommended!, Allie and Bea brings to light the sometimes complicated associations between parent, child, good friend and exactly how society pigeon-holes them. A child is forced from home due to parents IRS problems and finds herself in a world she didn't want to be part of. Enter her Female savior in a boring white van and collectively they get started to trust each other. This story shows positive and negative relationships, with positive winning the day. A truly great read - We highly recommend it., It has been awhile since Seems so engrossed in a story and actually cared for about what happened to the very genuine and imperfect characters. We get to ride along with Bea, Allie and Phylis on their 'shaky' journey/adventure. It is a story relevant to the current and often challenging times in which we live. It is refreshing to get to know characters who grow tougher and better, and who, in the middle of tests and trials, build an unlikely friendship., I absolutely loved this story, so heartfelt, love anything Catherine Ryan Hyde writes.. I believed it driving home from the long trip and made it go so made it go faster and more pleasant.. the connection between Allie and Bea is so special, they both experienced their hails from a chaos and together they made it better... it demonstrates an old woman ans and a teenage lady can heal each other, no matter the era gap.. all teens should read this book.., Two people are suddenly homeless through the against the law actions of others. You are a sweet, idealistic teenager and the other an furious, bitter woman close to 80 years old. They ending upwards together in an old van, on a road trip up the western coast. After a very rocky beginning, they find get each have much to learn from the other. Moving, but not at all sickeningly sweet. Author will do a very believable job of developing these characters, I absolutely enjoyed Allie & Bea. Maybe there could even be future books. Figures were perfectly developed and I almost seemed IO was there, travelling alongside the coast. I want to go. It also showed the hardship and decision making for an individual who might suddenly ending up with nothing, or at minimum next to nothing. We loved how a young girl like Allie could pull someone like Bea towards her way of thinking.
This specific one was fun., Extremely much like all of Ryan Hyde's books. It was enjoyable reading, but nothing new here. Figure development was much like all her books where initially the primary characters don't like one another but then grow to respect and count on one another. Her books are hopeful reads - that in the event you discover youself to be by yourself in the world with nothing, that you will stumble across the one person that will help you out.

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