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Obtained and successfully quit within one month.

I purchased the book and remaining it on the espresso table for a 7 days or two. Picked it up after I returned from a vacation. Read most (3/4), but to be sincere, I never finished the book. I didn't need to. I smoked my last cigarette on July 14, 2015 and i also have not looked back. We smoked for over 20 years and now We have been free for over six months.

We started smoking when We was in high school graduation, fifteen or 16. Was a proved, moderate to heavy smoker from that point forwards (1/2 pack to pack+ a day). I quit once for about a year in 2005-6, chilly turkey. I hated it, was miserable, cried a lot and missed smoking all the time. Felt as if I was denying myself the joy and pleasure of smoking.

The previous six-plus months appear to have been different. I do not miss smoking. I feel treated of the burden. I was confident Let me never smoke cigarettes again and i also am so grateful for your. I needed to quit. I was ready, but I was intimidated and worried We would again miss it forever, so I just put it off over and over again. And then I remembered someone bringing up this book and i also thought for less than with the volume of positive reviews, it was worth a shot.

I think attempting to quit/being ready is an important bit of why this book worked to me. I was open to the power of recommendation and it helped me shift my perspective on quitting from one of worry and forgetting, to one of joy and appreciation. My husband is still a smoker and We can't even get him to turn a few pages, so I know from the personal decision and the one that only the smoker can make... but if YOU are buying way to become a non-smoker, We suggest you give this book a try. Great luck!, I use smoked for almost 45 years. We read this book and i also really quit. I finally succeeded. I am so very happy to become a no smoking. I quit 7 several weeks ago and can't consider I don't even want a cigarette. Brainwashing or un-brainwashing? Whichever it We, I am grateful with all of my coronary heart. Thank you for being a part of saving my life. God Bless You., I read this guide in 3 hours. Subsequent day I was still smoking. I was dissatisfied. Then just one week later it's like the words soaked in. I quit smoking April 8th. Cool turkey. About a month later my dad concluded up in icu on a vent. That's the most stressed I've ever been. I didnt even think about smoking. My dad was a smoker before that, he quit when he got out of hospital, and is already smoking again. Right now there is something about this book. It gives you truth about cigarettes. In addition to it reaches your depths of the mind without you actually attempting. Some ppl have asked me if it's hypnosis. No. It's just the fact. Sometimes I dream i smoked and even in my desire I am so devastated that I will have to start out over again. When I wake up I'm relieved. I thought i loved smoking. I didnt. I don't think about them now. I avoid crave them. I can sit in a room with smokers and not even think about it(actually happened at my mom's). I purchased 2 more copies of the book and presently lent them out. More ppl should know about this book, After many attempts to quit during the past, this book gave me the nessissary perspective We needed to quit for good. It also reveals why you carry on back & breaks the fear/brainwashing barrier. I had already quit by the time We was halfway through the book. I was already disgusted & frustrated w/ personally as a smoker. Even though I had the willpower to quit, the only for this reason book that I know I will never put another disgusting cigarette in my oral cavity again. I am aware my captivity to nicotine is finally over. I still experienced a ruff starting days and nights as I always do when I quit, but as an entire, the process has been more nice than usual with the fear & doubt removed., It is January 25th, 2014, and i also smoked my final smoke, in accordance with Allen Carr's book, on Sept 23, 2013.

My wife was astounded. She'd recently been afraid of me stopping, because I'd " quit" before, only to become an insufferable jerk until I caved and purchased a fresh pack. This time, she--in her words--didn't even notice I'd quit. That just happened. This guide was a godsend. It's emotional reconditioning, AND IT PERFORMS.

A very important factor you must keep in mind is that you have to want to quit in order to quit. Mister. Carr cannot cure you of your desire to smoke if you aren't ready to accept the scientific truth that you shouldn't be smoking in the first place. What this individual CAN do to benefit you is help you understand WHY you smoke cigarettes, and WHY it's simple to stop if you need to. It really is that simple. I was skeptical of the title--easy? Sure, right. But it really is.

If you are a smoker who wants to be free of your addiction, READ THIS PARTICULAR BOOK. Bring it to coronary heart. I made notes to myself to relate back to in weak moments after quitting, and I never even needed them. 4 months clean and no wish to smoke ever again. It's like he says--you're not giving something up by quitting, you're providing up something by continuous to be a slave to nicotine. I was a slave for 23 years, and I'm not even 40 yet.

Established yourself free now., This guide works. I have struggled with smoking for years. I thought I knew everything there was to know about smoking. I was wrong. Allen Carr was the answer for me. I was able to quit smoking by the end of the book and never have gone back again (I've been done smoking for about 2-3 months). We you do not have the urge to smoke ever again and We pity other smokers. No longer do I wish I had developed remained a smoker and daydreamed about smoking. These days see smoking for what it is actually. A disgusting, addicting, poisonous cycle. I'm done with it. Never ever going back. Thank you Allen Carr. I have recommended this book to several friends and family. You have to be interested in quitting to care enough to read it but if you need an extra push and want to stay done with smoking, read this guide.

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