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Prior to I begin, I just want to say that this is the first review I have done for Amazon despite being a Prime member for 6+ years. I know I understand, you might be thinking I was some lazy bum who does not care about his fellow Amazon consumer.... OR realize that this book has made such a huge influence on my life and want to share it with as many people as you possibly can. My goal is to give a little background about myself, my struggle and the solution. Even if just one person gets something using this then this review will be a success. Now a little about myself...
I am 26, I have a successful job in the building industry, have a great group of family and friends and my whole world centers around cars. Talking, wrenching, watching, driving. It is in my blood. This seems irrelavent now but will make more sense later. I went to a great high school, enjoyed all the sports, never did drugs or consumed in excess. Yes, We went to parties but it was not a every weekend event. Carried on on to school and got a two 12 months degree. I was paying for myself so We could not afford the required classes to get my Bachelors degree and in search of a job I finished up getting into construction.
By the time I was 20 We was probably drinking twice a week steady with some of the more mature guys I worked with. I turned 21 and without realizing it my drinking had shot through the roof. I was going away and buying this or that to try whether it be hard alcohol or microbrews. I did not think much of it since I was just doing what every other 21 12 months old was doing, right? Around the age of 23 I realized We had a major problem on my hands. I was buying a pint of Jagermeister a night and could slam the entire bottle in one shot. Of course We left out some details in those two years such as I gained about 60 pounds, wrecked the relationship with the girl of my dreams whom I dated for 5 years, I lost touch with friends We had known for years, was now socially and personally using drugs (weed, pills, coke) becuase I was trying to reach a "new drunk" since We had such a high tolerance and I lost touch of reality.
But I made it to work in time, I made new friends, purchased bigger clothes and was just telling myself one constant excuse after another. So I continued to drink just like a fish. Anything and everything. I can not inform you how many times I would slam that pint of Jager, and within an hour was driving to the local liquor store for another pint because I started to early (5: 00pm) and didnt want to lose my buzz before bedtime. Being blackout drunk was almost a daily occourance and the hangovers just became the normal for me personally. But again, We kept it to me personally and figured I would deal with the issue later.
We eventually went to an AA meeting and what the people said there really made sense. They had the same issues as I did. But I did not know how to dedicate an hour each day to it, but more important, let everyone know that I was an alcoholic. I did not want that label. I attempted stopping through willpower a dozen or so times. That would last about two weeks tops before We gave myself one more to drink. I would google things and tried the Kudzu root and the vitamin deficiency programs, and so forth. Nothing worked. I knew I had to halt before I killed myself or someone else. I could not live my life like this. I stumbled across "The Easy Way to Control Alcohol" on Amazon, read some reviews and based off them, it almost seemed to good to be true. I purchased it and was absolutely nothing but doubtful.
Once I recieved the book I did not open up it up for about three weeks. Why, We am not sure, probably becasue I would have rather drink then read. Once I started, you get very specific instructions, one that is continue to drink like normal as long as you read the book sober. I would read a dozen or so pages at a time about every three days and i also really took my time, do what he said and comprehended what he published. The entire time We was nothing but doubtful that this would work yet, in the back of my head I was jumping for joy hoping it really would be as simple as Carr said. When I have got to the last chapter it probably took me a week in order to complete it. We was just so anxious and nervouse for the "final instructions. "
I did so it, I completed the publication but nothing felt different. Did it work? We started the next day and on the way home I avoided all the liquor stores. Nevertheless it felt more like when I try to quit with the self-discipline method then a permanent fix. I stayed sober that night. The next day We went to work and did the same thing, avoided the liquor store stop on the way home but only because I seemed I had to. I was walking up to my entrance step of my house when my best friend whom We have grown up with was working on his car and he yelled over. He asked if I wanted to give him a hand putting a part on his car when he gets off work (9pm). It all clicked!
Right then, immediately, it all made sense. That has been my "Eureka! inches moment. I was free. No longer enslaved by alcoholic beverages and my life revolving around it. At that moment I realized We no longer had to make up another excuse or text him the next day saying how I "fell asleep" while visiting reality would rather get in a drunken coma then spend time with my best friend and work with cars. So many times I had left car shows/events early or blew off working on an automobile because I wanted to get drunk. At that moment I knew We would never have to make that decision again and it felt incredible.
Everything Carr said fell into place and not only was I going to be sober, We was going to stay sober and it was going to be easy. We am proud to say We am currently six weeks sober, I have not felt this good since I was about 20 and I have absolutely no wish to drink. This includes going to the bar for lunch with my co-workers, bowling in a league once a 7 days, celebrating New Years Eve, my birthday and attending a wedding. It is just a feeling I cannot describe to say I have beaten alcoholic beverages.
We know my review has been a little longer then you probably desired to read, and i also could still write more but I just wanted to show that I was your typical jock in high school, I was succeessful at whatever I attempted and alcohol still drawn me down to their level. Even then We was still a functioning alcoholic but that do not make it alright. I additionally wanted to establish just how much alcoholic beverages I was drinking on a daily basis and was able to stop just like that. This book is your answer if you have a real desire to quit drinking. You need to follow Carr's instructions exactly as he says, spend some time reading it, have an open mind and process what he says. Just becuase you finish it does not mean your magically cured. You could have to re-read it or let it sink in for a few days. It has changed my life and i also am forever thankful for it. I cannot wait to update this review and let everyone know how my sobriety goes and the positive changes it has led to. Give thanks to you for reading and when you have any questions do not hesitate might., This book was no way as effective as Allen Carr's Easy Solution to Stop Smoking cigarettes. Allen Carr a new challenge and fight against smoking so his heart was in what he wrote.

We get the feeling that the publisher might have said, "How about we do the same kind of book, but about alcohol addiction this time? inches So this book did not have any ground-breaking advice in it and wasn't from the heart.

I'd have to provide Allen Carr's Easy Solution to Stop Smoking cigarettes 10 out of ten however. It may well not work for everyone, but a large majority of individuals have already been helped by his audio advice.

To be reasonable though, there are some interesting points to think about and actionable ideas. A possibility bad. Do I regret buying it, no - am i not excited that We purchased it, umm... not really if I'm honest., This book makes you understand why you can't control or quit drinking for any decent time period. This helps you look at why you drink or why you " think" you drink. I haven't consumed in 15 days and We have no desire to either (which is the main thing i got from this book). This publication has truelly helped me quit drinking, which is something I have tried to do without success over the years. A mind opener which is significantly worth the read., This book does what it states it is going to do. I actually was deceived by the title.... I read it for my own personal health, thinking that We was going to " control" my drinking to feel better, not realizing that I would be stopping forever. What I wasn't expecting, was it properly explains the way you have unconsciously fallen into a BS cultural trap, meant to dumb you down into a mundane life, and pay the mafia government a taxes for the privilege! We was only drinking 1-3 drinks/day... not enough to cause me to feel dysfunctional, but enough to fog my brain without me really knowing it. OMG, the haze has lifted, and for the first time being an adult, I can think and live with the clarity and sharpness that I had once i was 14 years old! You name it... my work, my relationships with myself and others, my tennis and golf game... every aspect of my life has catapulted into a new realm of understanding, effectiveness, and efficiency!! We started at the age of 17, and fairly much haven't stopped until I was 49. My God, I feel like a kid again! I'll never go back.... I'll never drink again! Thanks, Allen Carr!, I really enjoyed this book. This was well laid out to exit the Alcohol Snare. I would say We was not full blown alcoholic but I was heading that way employed in an sales environment, and especially after a divorce. We found that my consuming was getting out of hand and starting to effect my life in negative.

We would highly recommend that you just sit down and enjoy this book starting from the front directly to the backside. No scanning or looking for the way it works. Each new chapter will have those, wow, We have been there and even scarier for me personally, seeing that I was indeed on the death spiral of letting alcohol impact me, and not realize the real effects past the lost friends, family and of course the hangover. You wake upwards at some time and realize it's just not worth it. We am just feeling great I found this publication and way to let go of alcohol before it did ever again harm in my life.

For those who have found this book, and a drinker, be it normal to out of control, you have already been blessed so to speak to find this book, and when consuming, buy it, and read it. It will open your eyes, and actually free through a trap you only think you can escape from, and AA will not completely solve if it goes away of control.

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