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I purchased this book for a gender studies course and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I think it should continue to be read for quite some time. Would recommend for many. Don't be shied away if you think it is definitely for hardcore feminists because it is not, and I am not but I still found it enjoyable and thought that it raised good points., Bought this book for my sister. It was a little while until long time to read it on her, but the girl is very pleased from it. It's a good and very practical book and even I can see new changes in my adored sister. She declared that a lot of chapters were new for her. This guide was a gift, so I'm very happy that she liked it., Every person should read this book at least once in their life. It is important; especially in this day and age, to really understand what is going on in the world around us all., Amazing book! Stumbled after this book in the perfect timing of my life and I've learned so much from it. This is the ideal book for a woman who is spiritual. This will help you grow along your journey. And be better as a person energetically.: ), Yet another inadequately crafted book by a middle-aged man deigning to mansplain femininity to women. This grows so tiresome. If men would simply stick to the subject of what men find attractive, that would be flawlessly acceptable. Yet, almost always, they trespass into the turf of telling women what it is to be feminine. This is as disrespectful and ridiculous as me, a woman, telling MEN what it is to be MASCULINE. When the software is flipped, it is evident that I know nothing about what it is to be a man, or to live in a masculine body and move through the world in a masculine way. Why do unichip honestly believe they are in a position to tell us all women what it is to be feminine, what it is to go through the world in a feminine way? Why? Because almost to a single writer, they inevitably conflate femininity with sexual desirability. They will simply cannot get beyond the idea that femininity is more than what a man sees that makes his penis hard. It's sad, because true femininity is so much more than fluttering of the eyelashes, wearing high heels, pretending to hold on every word a man says, etc. So women! Don't listen to a man EVER to inform you how to be the best woman you can be, what corners of your heart, your article topics, your speech, your dress, or your manners, should be severed from your spirit just because dudes think that's " not feminine". This can be the patriarchy at work, actually, when men seek to, and succeed in, defining us as women. Don't let them. Move on this book and their advice about as being a feminine woman. My advice? Really feel beautiful and special and unique, and find a person who agrees. There. Completed., And i also do not fault her for thinking that way in any way. I have nothing against books targeting a spiritual or religious audiencd but I feel they should be indicated or marked so that one knows what exactly they are getting into.

This is not a secular book, and it requires you to definitely walk a tightrope -be independent yet submissive, be aloof yet engaging, be affectionate yey absent, etc ., making internet dating feel less fun and more stressful. If you are into the surrender self, meek not weak model of womanhood this is probably a great book. If you are not religious, or don't find it easy to balance contradictions, this might be not the book for you. I just wanted my intense but ethical, kind and loyal friend to not be too stressed about dating and today I have stressed the girl out more than actually...., This was actually read by my sister who is visiting my loft for a month. Since the girl has not do, the girl asked me to get this book for the girl. In accordance with her, the book has a nice touch with this issue. She kind of like how Bryan Bruce wrote this book. I can imagine that there will be more publications of him in my account soon.

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