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This latest offering from John Eldredge of Ransomed Center ministries is probably his most personal book to date as well as in my reasoning his joint best, together with 'Waking the Lifeless. ' It treats of the life to come, but stripped of its nebulous other-worldliness, and invested with the qualities that must make it easier for you to actually desire.
Component of what is disseminated here is that our inheritance is not an alien heaven 'out there' but rather a renewed earth, and given such a premise, it should be not surprising that John draws heavily on Chemical S Lewis, particularly 'The Last Battle' to get his message across. Presently there are allusions to many of the author's own shattering losses, like the untimely death of both of his closest friends, and this helps to show why he or she would be so put in in the great scriptural promise he is getting to our attention: the 'restoration of all things we love' as it is expressed in the subtitle of the book.
Lewis said to one of his correspondents that 'there are better things ahead than any we leave behind', and the great achievement of 'All Items New' is in displaying how this is only truly possible if the key in our old, familiar loves is not gotten rid of. Nothing dear to us is lost, either by destruction or by transformation into that which is unrecognisable to all of us. As John says, it is 'all things new', not 'all new things', and if our longing for the life to come has been choked by the weeds of well-meaning but errant cathedral tradition, there is certainly healthy enough soil in charge of it to start growing again, as the author showcases scripture, personal revelation, and quotations from his favourite creators to communicate a note that is as timely since it is well-delivered and true.
George MacDonald (who John also loves to quote) once said that the inquisitiveness of the aspiring child is often checked by the uninteresting disciple when there is no chapter and sentirse 'evidence' on the subject they would like to explore. The core message of this guide is certainly biblically centered, but the relevant verses appear intended to fireplace our imaginations rather than quench them by offering an exhaustive blueprint for the life to come. After all, what could give greater scope to divine curiosity than this very topic of final restoration and renewal? Will there be animals in the new earth? Jokes? Holidays? Learning? If nothing is lost, then perhaps, as John suggests, we need to begin making lists of what we'll do upon our first arrival! Lewis is quoted towards the finish of the guide, saying that meditation upon the Second coming is 'the medication our condition especially needs'. Who that believes in Christ's return at all can disagree with him especially in these times when the love and then the hope of many is already growing cold? Lewis hits the nail right on the head, and am can vouch for 'All Things New' being, if we will let it, a key part of the medication he prescribes., For a few years now, I have recently been very interested in being aware of what will happen in the finish according to Christian theology. I will be not talking generally of numerous eschatological views, but in our eternal future in the end. Several creators, such as N. To. Wright, Randy Alcorn, and even Dallas Willard have contributed to my realizing that what we normally think of as “Heaven” drops far short of what Scripture generally seems to say. Inside reality, we are never going to live somewhere “out there, ” but right here, on Earth. A new World with no weaknesses or sin, to be certain, but Earth all the same.

When I noticed a deal to preview and promote John Eldredge’s new book " All Items New, " I jumped at the possiblity to read and review it.

Eldredge’s main point is that we must have an accurate understanding of what eternity will be like if we hope to own it influence our lives here and now. He tackles what Earth will be like, the reality that evil will be overthrown, and what you will do forever once everything is restored. And he or she does so in a very readable way.

Allow me address those who have read much on this before. When you have studied the issue, you will probably not find something strikingly new here. An individual will also not find as much Scripture referenced as you would in a book by Alcorn, for example.

What you should find is what, in my opinion, Eldredge is known for: painting a picture in a very elegant way. Where other books offer perhaps a deeper, more theological and Scripture-saturated understanding of the near future, Eldredge also uses movie and history references and takes a cue from them to help us imagine what things will be like. That is not to say that he or she never uses Scripture; he or she does. Nonetheless it appears that Eldredge wants us to take more time to dream and imagine about what everything will be like, to get us to desire it from what we imagine it will be like.

It is here that Eldredge works. I want to provide just one example from the guide:

“If you woke each morning and your center leapt with hope, realizing that the renewal of all things was just around the corner–might even come today–you would be one happy person. If you knew in every dietary fiber of your being that absolutely nothing is lost, that everything will be restored to you and then some, you would be armored against discouragement and despair. If your heart’s imagination were full of rich expectations of all the goodness arriving to you, your self-confidence would be contagious; you would be unstoppable, revolutionary.

“Friends–don’t let anyone or anything be a cheater you of this wish; it is your spiritual lifeline. You could have barely started to take your hands on it. Do not let something diminish the beauty, strength, and significance of this hope above all expectations. Jesus lived the way he did in this world, for this world, because his hope was set beyond this world; which is secret of his life…” (p. 200; emphasis in original).

Amen! One can’t help but be stirred by the above. And that is Eldredge’s claim to fame, in my opinion: a chance to stir us up in our imaginations and get all of us excited again. Whether he or she is authoring prayer, the heart, holiness, or, now, the renewal of most things, Eldredge has a way of making us desire again.

I think the best way to develop our knowledge of the future is to take a lot more biblical works and blend them with the imaginative ones, blending them together to create a Scripture-founded hope that resides deep within us. Eldredge’s new book is a great conjunction with this goal.

*Note: I used to be provided a complimentary advanced copy of the book by the publisher in exchange for my honest review., We pre-ordered this book a few weeks ago and received an instant online copy when I purchased it. I read it straight through within hrs. The hard copy appear today and I'm capable to start my second reading of it. Very significant. Reading it felt like waking up.

In the guide, John describes the coming Empire and the renewal of all things. My knowledge of " the ending of the age" had, upwards till now, been very bland and colorless. Not really something I could put my hopes into because it actually filled me with hopelessness. This endless cathedral service in the skies proven fact that I had recently been taught time out of mind had been depleting me of all excitement about Jesus' return. Not really anymore. John's truth-filled, superbly written book has renewed life and color to my understanding. His information is " deeper and nearer to mortal center; marvelous and yet not strange, " as Tolkien wrote. The coup de gras to the pessimism which i have been fighting. There is certainly so much more coming! And that fact has filled me upwards with joy and expectations. Thank you so much, John.

If you are hungry and hurting, requiring hope, and aching for a deeper knowledge of the Kingdom, read this. It will make life.

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