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Greg Johansson sold his software company for a whole lot a money and for a lark decides to arrange for his mind to be frozen after death. Three days he is killed by a bad driver. A century later it’s possible to check a frozen brain and upload the personality to a computer. The theological state that the US has become can only use heads like Bob, because the government has appropriated the frozen heads. Greg is put in a Von Neuman to be sent to the stars and make copies of his ship and himself to look for potential nest planets. Dennis Taylor starts off his tale with All of us Are Legion (paper) in which several Bob’s are created, colony worlds are found and Earth has had it’s population almost wiped out in the war that started with Bob’s launch. Our company is Legion (paper) starts the evacuation of Earth that soon will be uninhabitable and the discovery of Three strange civilizations. Two are less developed, but the Others are building a Dyson Ball in their system and see nothing wrong with destroying some for uncooked material. Earth is on their path and they will appear sooner than the planet can be evacuated. Just about all the problems come to a culmination is (paper from Worldbuilders Press) with more than five 100 Bob’as working to oppose the Others. Lots of fun. I love the way the Bobs have to think their way through their problems. Lots of fun. Review printed by Philadelphia Free Press, Again, very well researched and a fantastic balance of theoretical science, character development, and action. This was exactly the kind of series I was looking to read and the rest of the series is simply of the same quality. I highly recommend this for everyone looking for a good space based sci fi series to learn.

Caution: Spoilers

The conflict between the Bobs and the Others was a little but common saying, however the author made it unique and did a good job from it. This does rely a little on other sci fi work and pop culture references, but makes up for it with the well researched theoretical science. The mix of conflict, exploration, and a variety of threats that the key characters had to face was great. The main concept of the replicants and the continuous debate info throughout the series was very well thought out. The only parts that I performed not like about the series was the extreme focus that Bob-1 has on the Deltans and his non-existent involvement in the conflict with the Others. I also wish that the story had led to the Bobs discovering another peaceful room based intelligent species, maybe shortly after their triumph with the Others, but it was still a good ending. Again, highly recommend for sci fi enthusiasts., Thoroughly enjoyed all 3 books with this three set. Very creative and an interesting look at life and 'living things. The attempts of the various Bobs to help the colonization exodus from Earth, make other systems usable for the Earth settlers, assist indigenous species without destroying their uniqueness was a wonder to behold. I especially admired how they finalized the issue of the Others. Very smooth, very elegant, and very ultimate (? ) A very enjoyable read. D yourself a favor and read all three.., Great wrap up to the series and a great example of engaging high-scifi. It felt a little rushed, like it could have been another 100 pages to wrap up all the loose ends at the pace, but I enjoyed it all the same.

Most people will have predicted the ending from the ample for-shadowing. But that does not make it any more satisfying.

One thing that bugged me personally.... where did the Brazilians go?, Love this series; quaint, perhaps, but records the imagination conceptually. The ideas are vast. If Mr. Taylor had more writing energy can have made each of these books 1000 pages each; and, We would have gladly read every single one. Indeed, my only complaint is that it ended too soon and may have had quite a little more narrative. The series could conceivably continue indefinitely given its assumption, I'm looking towards seeing where this goes., A good ending to the three set, but my least favorite of the three textbooks in the series. Book 1 was phenomenal, so that as with many series, the innovativeness ebbs away during book 2, and book three is 1/2 tying or braiding up loose ends and 1/2 the unsettling relationship of one of the Bobs with a human (which was my least favorite part of book 2, but for some reason was expanded in book 3... bleah)., Very good, just as the other novels in the series. The struggle with the others come to its conclusion, and the lives of the Bobs continue. It is interesting how little the whole replication thing is underused for anyone other than the Bobs, whilst it is the only new tech in so a number of other novels and is filled with consequences by itself..., This series was just flat out fun. We started it off on a whim after reading the synopsis and trying Audible. Now i am just sad that there is not another one coming. I really think this is a book that is meant for Audible books. Listening to the various Bobs conversing in in the various voices was helpful to me to keep up with all the Bobs. I was lucky to turn on my son and nephew on to this who have spread the work about the wonders of the Bobiverse. I will selfishly beg the authors wife to let him write fully time.

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