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This guide should be required reading in high school. Woodward and Bernstein worked tirelessly for some of the ultimate virtues of a democracy, truth and transparency. The book can be a dry read at times, but it is well organized so you can feel the thought process and logic that led to the finding of who Nixon really was., It's billed as a political detective story. However of course, this is no story. It's real. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein should be countrywide heroes for exposing a corrupt and crooked usa president administration that cared very little for the and very much for their personal gain. Woodward and Bernstein did it by finding one clue at a time, and this first-hand account of how they uncovered one of the most massive felony cover-ups in American historical past is a fascinating, can't-stop-reading tale--even though we already know the ending. Exactly what a great country we live in where two young, smart and savvy reporters have the right of freedom of speech--because finally that is what it took so they can accomplish this. Excellent., I purchased this book after seeing the movie, again, on TCM a couple of weeks ago. If you like the movie, you'll love the book.

I was just 7-8 years old while Woodward and Bernstein were writing their Watergate tales for the Washington Write-up and knew very little about the details that led to President Nixon's ultimate downfall. Until now. I couldn't put this book down. It truly is filled with every detail of the Watergate break-in and the following events that introduced down the Nixon White House. The book covers everything, step by step, from learning of the Watergate break-in to Nixon being connected to many, many "dirty tricks" (and you will not believe some of them! Wow! ) played to assure your pet a win in the election. Woodward and Fossiles harz labored day and evening for the truth and refused to publish their stories until they were sure that they had it. These people protected their sources and never gave up even when it would have recently been VERY easy to do so. They asked tough questions, tracked down elusive witnesses and kept the open public informed with their reporting. They saw a wrong and devoted that part of their lives to their investigation until the public was completely aware of the truth. Ultimately, they introduced down a president, but their reporting exposed a White House that cared more about winning an election-- and one that pursued illegitimate activities to do it--than it did about protecting the citizens of the country that chosen them. Woodward and Fossiles harz seem to be to be just what the forefathers had in mind when they provided for a "free press" in our Constitution., Each bit as engrossing as it was when We first read t years ago! Better still, perhaps... We was forcibly struck by how innocent everybody was before the full extent of the criminal activity of Nixon's White House was revealed. Actions which truly shocked experienced journalists in 1972 and 1973 would hardly cause a stir now. Just as all good reputations do, this one stands up a mirror, forcing us to see who we are today. I recommend this to everyone as a way to see where we are today!, Fascinating to relive the historical events of this time. Till I see the book, We didn't realize how carefully corrupt the Nixon White House was. I also didn't realize that Woodward/Bernstein were far from the olny reporters uncovering the details of the Watergate coverup and the personal involvement of the chief executive in it. They seem to be to have gotten the majority of the focus because Nixon focused the majority of his attacts against the Washington Post., A well written book, including time lines, character development and suspense. As a senior I gained new insights looking back in time at an event that I only paid moderate attention to; Vietnam war and the birth of my son entertained my attention. Ignore historical past and we are sure to repeat it. This publication is a cautionary reality to be heeded., Appears to have lots of inside information. If all is true, the involvement of all the players was much more serious and considerable than I had heard before. However, We must remember it was written by individuals who desired to, needed to, and have tooted their own horn previously. They also have strong left leanings. It is possible that influenced their slant in writing it too. A good easy and interesting read., I have thought about this book for a long time, and basically knew what it was about, than decided to actually read it. We was stunned the hard work the journalists gone through to obtain the information they found. It was a strange amount of time in our history, and We was aware of it at the time, but was totally disappointed in our president and everyone in his administration. That's when I learned that politicians are certainly not always honest and have the best interest for the country in mind, tend to be trying to better there image, and often failing.

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