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This guide gives a really special perspective on the Ruskies hierarchy from an real Russian. During your time on st. kitts is a story about the Putin years interlaced throughout the book, it is mostly an introduction to some of the main players in the government and industry (often the same people). Right after learning where these players come from and exactly how they interact it is much easier to understand the news where one gets only thoughts of actions and no backstory. The individuals described could just as easily be members of a corporation, a mob, or the Hollywood elite and it would be just as interesting and probably just as daunting., I first read the book " The New Tsar" by Steven Lee Myers that gives you a deep look into Putin and how he rose to energy. I wanted to broaden my knowledge of how the Oligarchs fit into the picture as well as his friends from his time in the KGB. So I picked up this book due to the authors background. He is very credible. This book gives you a total picture of how the Ruskies government works and why Putin makes his selections. This is a very through book and up to date., Every now and then, We read a book that opens a door to a new realm of understanding.
The key facts came as no surprise to me: for Russia's corruption and violence, elite opulence and mass poverty, are known to all and sundry.
But, among the acquainted broad brush strokes were a hundred small details that helped me to see Putin and Russia through the eyes of a compatriot.
My examination of Putin in most ways remains unchanged, but I appreciate deeper the difficulty of his situation and his fallibility.
The final words are in equal measure alarming and comforting: for I understand that Russian federation will survive qua Russian federation, and depending on which you ask, that is either a very good or a very bad thing., A new very interesting book that gives the Reader an inside look into how a Ruskies government under Putin has formed and operated since 2000., Wonderful book but I left it at my doctor's office rather than found it again. Must re-read it when We have an overabundance time. But We loved the first 50 percent of the book., Excellent read - refreshingly original

What sets this book aside from all other books on Putin's Russian federation is 3 things:

one. Approach --> it really does not portray Russia as ruled by 1 man, but gives an real insight in the energy structures and factions that rule the Kremlin

2. Author --> The writer himself is Russian - he is involved with independent Russian television set train station TV Rain (and experienced to resign after submitting this book if pressure from the Kremlin). He or she managed to get very near to many of the men in power at the Kremlin, giving a unique insight from within this very closed group of folks & power, instead of reporting from a distance, as is usually the situation with books like these.

3. Writing style --> every chapter starts with an anecdote about a powerful figure. These anecdotes are great storytelling, especially the ones on Chechnyan leader Ramzan Kadyrov and head of Rosneft Igor Sechin. Furthermore, the writer plainly will try to maintain a certain neutrality in his writing, whereas most western press / writers (Myers, Pomerantsev) plainly write from a certain moral high surface.

It's very refreshing, original, and I definitely recommend the book.

A final big plus: there is a " Who will be who" list included in the English version. A very welcome feature, especially for non-native Russian readers like me, for whom
complexity of the many Russian names might be somewhat overwhelming sometimes., Fantastic, Excellent read!

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