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I actually hate it when all a reviewer can come program is a fragile, whiny " It just wasn't what I expected" but this book wasn't what I expected and I actually think I possess some reason for being disappointed. Is actually billed as " humor" and there is humor, but that's only a little component.

I think the biggest problem is that it can be a cut-and-paste job, composed of two books that were combined. While the two books technically concern the same subject - the author's observations of post-WWII England - each is written from a different viewpoint. Bradbury was a wonderful writer and a very persuasive guy. Thus he convinces you of one thing and then (in the second half the book) switches to the other side. Unless you ENJOY confusion, keep in mind that add up to a acceptable reading experience.

The creator was a bright guy who moved up in the world by going to college. Not Cambridge or Oxford. He wasn't that bright and his family had no money. He was a product or service of what the British Upper Crust sneeringly refers to as a " red brick" university. He was clever enough to realize that Americans have great respect for an English accent and no idea of what class the speaker signifies. Therefore he hied themself off to the United states Mid-West to accept a position as an The english language professor.

When he returned to England, the distinction between the energetic, forward-thinking Americans and the timid, backward-looking English struck him intentionally and he wrote a publication, which was published in 1960. In this publication, he accuses the The english language of being " phogeys" - a catch-all explanation of somebody who is both a fogey and a phoney. The English (his argument runs) were fogeys because they refused to entertain the concept anything new could possibly be a marked improvement. They were phoneys because the world-order for which their mind-set was suitable (i. e. the Uk Empire) no more existed. He discusses the many types of phogeys of various genders, age range, and classes and is actually whimsical and entertaining, although each section goes on a bit too long.

When you reach the second 50 percent of the book (which was published in 1962) he reverses course and roundly condemns modern life as well as its plastic, second-rate goals and extols traditional The english language life, where quality and common sense ruled supreme. Is actually as well-written and perceptive because the first half of the book, however, not as entertaining and nowhere near as funny.

This is simply not really a humor book, but a sociology book. Or you could call it beginner sociological observation. Which is ironic, because the creator (in both halves of the book) repeatedly expresses his contempt for sociologists and their field. But he does the same thing, only without cake charts and graphs and statistics.

He also makes cutting remarks about the inane English custom of recognizing achievement with knighthoods and about the horrible men who covet those absurd " honors. " And yet he accepted a knighthood for his contributions to literature in 2000 and died the same year. RIP Friend Malcolm. You should have trusted your instincts.

I actually love wry British humor, but much of this guide left me cold. Presently there are some great parts, but there's too much filler. Unless you're very patient, I can't really recommend it. On the other hand, if you need to read one intelligent mans observations about life on both sides of The Pond in the decade-and-a-half after the conclusion of WORLD WAR II, you probably couldn't do much better. Now most likely on your own.

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