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There are now three books in the Ball line-up for home canners.

I would say that the following order reflects the hierarchy.

one Ball Blue Book;
2. Ball Full;
3. Brand new Ball Book of Canning (this one)

1. If you are a beginner canner, and avoid have (1) yet, you need to get it. It has all the fundamentals in a succinct fashion. And because it's the smallest book, it's the easiest to flip through to find quick guide information on canning beans and other veg flawlessly. By time of writing this review in 06 2016 a whole new one is: Ball Blue Book, 37th edition, 2014. (Note: there's no metric in this edition, only American volume level measurements. If you want metric and weights, you need to search for the UK edition of this book, titled " Ball Blue Book® Guide - Metric Edition. " )

Ball Blue Book Guide To Protecting, 37Th Edition

second . As you grow in canning you will want to expand your repertoire. You will want to add the Ball Full. It recaps a lot of what is in the Blue Book, and adds much more onto it. No photos, though, only a good old-style recipe guide. Measurements are given in American and metric. Typically the most current one, since time of writing this review in June 2016, is:

Ball Full Book of Home Protecting

3. Experienced canners, though, will eventually get bored of the above two books, and craving for food for a more challenging set of canning recipes with additional interesting ingredients, and a better choice of pressure canning recipes. This guide, the ALL NEW, is the book for them. A lot of ethnic recipes, plenty of most new pressure canning recipes for interesting food, lots of interesting gourmet ingredients, and Ball has finally caught up with its Canadian sister Bernardin and let the wine flow freely in the recipes. This book will go above and beyond additional variety that home canners have been pleading for from Ball for some years now. Measurements are in American and metric. They've really done a great job here with this book. The only thing is, I'm not sure what they are going to call it when it's not " new" anymore!: }

Ultimately you will want all three books. Even experienced canners just planning to refresh their memories for running times on a jar of plain mushrooms will always want a copy of the Ball Blue Publication to hand, because its brevity is just what you want " in the temperature of the moment. " But as you grow, you may get bored of what is in the Blue Book, and once you do, you will want to get the other two Ball books.

*Note that not one of the books have more than a little handful of recipes for special dietary needs such as low-sugar or low-sodium (aside of course from the plain veg ones for pressure canning. ) If you need to make low-sugar or sugar free jams for weight management or health reasons, you may wish to consider adding the Pomona Pectin recipe book to your collection.   Protecting with Pomona's Pectin: Typically the Revolutionary Low-Sugar, High-Flavor Method for Crafting and Canning Jams, Jellies, Conserves, and much more , Although I like the new recipes, this book is not upward to Ball's quality standards. I'm a master food preserver through the University of California, so We have a fair amount of expertise (plus, over more than 20 years of experience in food preserving). There's some mistakes in describing the technology behind food preservation, especially in the pressure canning and the fermentation chapters. For instance, the environment inside a pressure canner is not a vacuum, but rather a pressurized one. This high-pressure environment allows the contents to achieve 240F, which is needed to destroy botulism spores. The reason of salt brine's role in the process of agitation is ambiguous and puzzling. The brine does not 'attract' lactobacillus but rather retards the growth of spoilage bacteria, which allows the lactobacillus to out-compete the harmful bacteria. This is the lactobacillus that creates the acidic surroundings, not the salt. Likewise, acidity and anaerobicity are two distinct conditions. Typically the book states that the acidity creates the anaerobic environment, which is simply not true.

A few of the recipes contain errors in editing. For example, in at least one salsa recipe (Salsa Roja), garlic is listed as an ingredient, and described in the initial step, but never mentioned again. There are several omissions like this.

It is good to say concerns in connection with use of fresh lime fruit juice as opposed to bottled juice in some recipes. This might lead to some cooperative extensions promoting against using this guide. If the fresh fruit juice highly recommended as a flavoring rather than an vinaigrer, this should be noted as such. This is particularly confusing because in other places in the book, 5% level of acidity bottled lemon juice is specifically mentioned.

Other than these issues, the recipes I've made so far are tasty and quite different from the typical fare. I especially like the unique flavor mixtures, particularly the addition of fresh herbs, wine, and other new ingredients. We wish I could give this book 5 stars., Extremely nice book. Beautifully photographed. As an experienced garnir, I don't desire a basic primer to show me personally how to can and preserve. I would use the Ball Blue Publication Guide To Preserving, 37th Edition for that. That being the situation, this is a nice supplemental guide covering quick refreshers of how to water bath and pressure can, agitation, freezing and dry meats, fruits, and vegetables. What exactly is nice about this distribution is they are now providing the user which includes really good recipes you can serve your family which feature your refined and preserved products. We don't think they have done this before.

This guide was not meant as a beginner's primer for canning at all. It is a continuation with the exceptional publications Golf ball publishes. If you are a novice garnir, this isn't the guide for you. But since a compliment to your canning library, it is a nice go-to addition. We intend to make a amount of the recipes it contains.

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