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I received a set of enamel-coated cast iron containers for my anniversary two years ago and purchased this book to learn some great recipes to use together. I put in the first afternoon surfing around through the book, skimming different sections, and reading some of the recipes. The very next time I sat down and read the whole first section and was instantly enchanted. Her way of instructing readers on the history, equipment, and techniques of braising was fantastically easy to follow - like having a conversation rather than getting a lecture or lesson.

I quickly made several items out of the publication and they also turned out to be very tasty and quite easy to make with the proper planning and preparation. Then, because she shows you a method and gives you suggestions about pairings, liquids, and herbs/seasonings to use I have often purchased whatever lovely cut of meat was on sale that was ideal for braising and used a recipe for a similar cut as a guideline to making the meal. Those have also flipped out amazing. I've offered her recipes to just my husband and myself as dinner, but also flipped them into entertainment dishes where I can put together everything ahead of time then let it cook in the oven for hours when i finish cooking other dishes or getting everything otherwise set up for guests.

Even though we certainly have made many of the recipes and experiment with various cuts of meat and vegetables, there are two dishes that we make frequently and keep fairly true to her recipe. The first is Yankee Pot Roast Redux on pg. 252. We make it with JK Scrumpy's Hard Apple company Cider, which is very sweet and has a strong apple flavor so it condenses into a sort of lightly alcohol apple syrup and is really good with pork slashes of any kind. When you like apple cider that tastes more like beer, I've heard that Crispin Cider's The Saint is really good. The second recipe we make quite often is Red Wine-Braised Short Ribs with Rosemary and Porcini on pg. 241. This is the hands-down favorite of my family and most of my guests. We always add various vegetables between the roast and the tomato-porcini ragu in the underside of the pan to make it a one-pot meal. It has a very amazing depth of flavour and for once the veggies steeped in all that flavor are just as fought-over as the meat part of the dish! We've made this menu with various full-bodied red wines (no sweet wine here, pick a dry out or semi dry with an excellent rich taste) and had it turn away well. Most recently we used a Bordeaux and it also was delicious. There are a lot of steps to this recipe, but if you do most of your prep beforehand on the same day as you start marinading the ribs it cuts a lot of the active cooking down. Also, as with so many braised dishes, this tastes even better a day or two after you cook it, so you can make it ahead and just heat it back through in the oven the day you wish to function it. We have also made most of the braised veg side dishes and extra quite a few to the regular set of meals as well.

This publication is one which deserves a spot near the kitchen because many of the recipes will be ones you make over and over. It is a wonderful instructional explained the method of braising and is also overflowing with great recipes that will become favorites. I have purchased it over and over again as gifts for family, friends, and many lately a coworker who likes cooking but searching for to learn methods through adding flexible recipes to her show. I've heard nothing but rave reviews back, whether people have tried many of these or merely a few. It seems that this book is filled with instant classics and family faves., If you only read the first 30 web pages of this book, it's very worthwhile cost. I've recently been eating my wife's pot roast for 50 years and this book has now ended that ordeal. The author explains what happens when meat is braised compared to. conventional baking and the significance of the cooking boat, some temperature. We no longer possess the dry, chain meat (my daughter's comment); we now have a cooked meat with greater flavor and moisture, actually ideal for leftovers. Much more economical use of resources.
Our girl from Alaska made a home visit, found the book and presented a great meal using one of the recipes. Obtain the book, it'll perk upward your enthusiasm to go cook something., Simply put this book has changed my life. I'm a 40 yr old single guy in Ny who never cooked anything. This book has me cooking and fired up about it. I did make the investment of a Le Creuset 5. 5qt and 3. 5qt dutch oven along with a 3. 5qt braiser but these are cookware items that I will have for the remainder of my life. I finally seem like I can not only cook but entertain as well. Another great thing is that I sent Molly an email at the start. I was so confused about where to commence and how to cook economically. She answered within a week giving me ideas of dishes to focus on. Funny enough two or three days later after Molly was having trouble with the woman email she emailed again to ensure she had replied! Great book and amazing author who cares about the woman readers!!!! BTW I may follow the recipes exactly some times however it has given me a great handle on food preparation., As a braising newbie, I researched a few braising books before buying Almost all About Braising. It is extremely well written and organized as well as beautifully introduced. Things to follow for each recipe are clear, even for someone with limited experience in the kitchen. From her description of the overall structure of how to braise food, I think I now have a fairly good sense of precisely what distinguishes braising from one other techniques in cooking.

However, the recipes are overwhelming for someone new to braising. It's not that the number of ingredients in a normal menu is too long, but that the number of steps required are quite often too numerous.

Thus did I return the book? No, not. I am keeping it later after I gain a little more experience. Something to aspire to., I purchased this book a few years ago and now, with most of the recipes under my belt (and prompted by last evening of superb Sauerbraten), I wanted to go on record stating this is the best cookbook I own. Every dish We have made using this recipe book has been absolutely tasty. At some point, I stopped writing " twice the sauce and buy extra bread for dipping" because it's pretty much understood. The book's tone is familiar and friendly, and the instructions are clear. My two teen sons memorized the potatoes and bay leaf dish as an easy but distinctive typical. This cookbook is my absolute go-to when I need something I'm totally sure will end up tasty, and after all this time I still put it to use at least one time a week., This book is good, and she's a good author - but I think that is a little overrated. Typically the intro part is really good, however were still some basic reasons for having braising that I didn't find in there (e. g. how do you sear without turning your spice-rub black, or should you baste the meat during the process). My main complaint is with the recipes which are a little too fancy/weird for my likes. I just want to cook simple, cheap, filling dishes - I'm not interested in intricate prep or exotic ingredients - I'd go to a restaurant for that.

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