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Len Kasten's book pulls together almost everything I've actually read about the invisible history of the human race. As unbelievable as sounds; from reptilians who live underground and control our minds with religion, national politics and money, anyone can see the effect these institutions have on all of us, leading us into battles that seem to have for sure. Who are our true ancestors? Kasten informs us that humans emerged from the Lyra star system where they existed peacefully until the reptilians appeared and destroyed about three planets. The Lyrans steered clear of to the Plieadians where they live today, and you will find their channeling all over the internet.
To prevent the regular wars between the reptilians and the humans, our 'parents', the Founders/Elohim, whatever you want to call them, decided to make World a free will zone, and 22 different extraterrestrials contributed their DNA to making a species to live on Earth. You now have ancient enemies sharing a body to incarnate into. It's an amazing idea, and probably too far-fetched for most people to even consider, but the cross breeding is why we the 'cross' is so prevalent in our culture. We literally are a cross of reptilian and human, or as some would say, we have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other offering us advice. We are contantly battling with ourselves, which is what this guide is about. Why we're always at war, what our true history is, and where it's all leading.
Kasten has done a great job using all of the information out there and adding it all together in a fairly easy to understand way. This book is amazing and I'm going to read his previous book next. Excellent research and quite believeable. Very impressive., So I must acknowledge this book is certainly “out there. ” Most viewers would definitely have a hard time with this stuff. I don’t really know what is or isn’t out there. I actually do know and acknowledge that history doesn’t always record the truth or at least distorts it to some degree. So at the very least, I thought this book was exciting and that the author did a fantastic job writing this story centered on his research and findings. I really loved it and sincerely regard the author’s perspectives and opinions. With that being said, you definitely have to have a brain to read this book though., Len Kasten's book is thorough, well-researched. He or she explains that other dimensions/planes of existence are the locations that the Reptilians control human society. You must have a basic understanding of mystery religions and the occult to understand his argument, but this individual makes a strong one in Alien World Buy., My eyes have really opened to this one. Shew! great read, arrived in perfect order; great book, still reading, Interesting read., Well written, plenty of history to absorb that can be overwhelming. His message is congruent with others I actually have read about this subject.

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