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Read Book Very, Very Exciting Could hardly Put It Lower Till The Book Had been Finished, If what I read is true, then this is indeed is an eye opener., Started reading and could not place it down. Full of exciting and amazing discoveries. Still left me anxious to keep learning., Taking into consideration the source and the retired Officer that wrote this book, I found it to be a another little known and overlooked fact type. To me there was honesty, true full testimony which is often validated by family members as well as acquitances. This gentleman would have a tracible data somewhere that the governing power's did not destroy completely individually, scholasticly, militarily, work records of some kind plus clinically. I believe the knowledge down loaded into his brain is also being monitored by the race of Aliens that were very grateful for the roll he played in returning his homesick friend, he is being monitored by the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA government pumped up about another possible contact. I additionally feel that if there were another time both sides will be ready!, well written and easy to read, keeps you interested all the way through., Excellent item of explaining work and so happens my group of friends involved who have kept quiet over the years are delighted that professionals are arriving out! Information were getting should have been given to the people in dosages but info given, after all we pay for what ever they choose we can see or know about Aliens what ever the negative or plus., I purchased this edition in November 2015 and found it most interesting. The disappointment was not one of the video links towards the conclusion of the book works. Why have them if they don't work? The discussion w/Jrod and how the humans will eventually split into two different types, one being Nordic reminds me of the Nazi dream of having this. From reading other articles the Nazis were reverse engineering crafts long before us but it's unusual how this fits to get her. So indeed buy the book but your investment links! Can anyone tell me why they don't work??????, Most of us know that our governments do lie, turn truths and hide information, which would include Unfamiliar information.
This is easy to assume that our knowledge of how are planet and Universe operates is limited or imperfect.
Why couldn't there be portals, doors and other unknown passing ways to other planets or planes?
Why couldn't Aliens from other planets visit, interact, effect us and our technology?
What if the information in Dan Burisch's book " Alien Disclosure at Area 51" is true or even partly true?
This does make you wonder….. What on earth (and on every other planet) is really going on?

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