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If you don't know much about Alice Cooper, this is a great book, and really provides insight into Alice as a person, and how he has turned his life around. I was an Alice Cooper lover before, and an even bigger one now. The fun and easy read., This is the book for Alice fans. I have acquired and shared multiple replicates. I especially enjoy the Audible version as Alice tells his own tale., If you don't like Alice Cooper there's something wrong with you. Of all the rock bios I've read this is one of the best. Seems like your dog is just an average joe with a huge amount of drive (pun intended). I've never already been thinking about golf but Mr. double eagle has me thinking about playing a round now. Strangely enough stone stars playing golf seem to be a fairly common thing. Don't be fooled by the title. This particular book also has a ton of good insight as to what it took for those men to make it. Alice Cooper was and still is the original jolt rock band your parents were afraid of. I'm glad I was part of the generation that got to live part of it. Pretty cool that he was Grouchos buddie among others like John Lennon, Frank Sinatra etc. and so forth. good read., I love this guy! His audio is still rocking and he is still the jolt rocker I remember as a teenager. His concerts are still filled with energy and macabre symbolism. I saw him in live concert June 2012 for the Welcome 2 My Problem tour. He still has what his audiences are looking for; mixing new material with his classics high energy, entertainment and some totally awesome audio!
His life was filled with things that would have killed all of us lesser human beings, but he is a survivor.
This guide is about his life. His struggles with alcohol addiction (before the time of Betty Ford clinics), the love of any good female, turning down advances from Mae West and Raquel Welch are all woven into his life with GOLF!!!
As much as I would wish to meet him some day, We could never play playing golf with him. He has a 2 handicap!!, I'm The longtime fan of audio, and I have read My share of audio biography's through the years. Everything from Kiss, Fantastic Funk Railroad, The Beatles, Aerosmith, Motley Crue to name A few. We have never read The biography as good as Alice Cooper's book! It is very well written and You can almost notice The Legend narrating the book Himself. It's The great read which bounces between Alice's history and His many incredible reports, to His golf tips, and back. Alice discusses pretty much everything including His Christian Faith, which may surprise some. His Fans, with this problem, already know. Alice is A class act, who puts other Rockers to shame with continuous caring and offering and the humble person that He really is. If You are The Cooper Fan, You should already have this. If the A Rock Fan Who is looking for A very good read, this is Your book! I desire Alice writes another 1!, I browse the book on recommendation from a friend. We would never have done it otherwise, since We am totally uninterested in golf.

I was surprised that I really enjoyed thw whole thing, even the golf parts. Tre reason I don't rate it five stars is that he goes on with a little too much namedropping from time to time. Part from that, I truly enjoyed the reading and Alice Cooper appears to be a really nice guy., I've never been into football. Nevertheless, I really like the TV show "Friday Night time Lights, " even during the football scenes. Is actually all about football, and yet, it's all about people.

I have a similar like for "Alice Cooper, Golf Monster. inches

I don't golf. We would often agree with Mark Twain if he said, "Golf is a good walk spoiled. " Yet even though ACGM is filled with lots and lots of discuss golf, and a good swing, it manages to remain interesting. Yes, it's about golf, but it's still about Alice. There are stories about Elvis, Donavan, Groucho Marx, Zappa, and dozens of others.

I've always enjoyed the music of Alice Cooper. When I figured out, years ago, of his Christianity, I felt like a brother had come home. No, I've never met the man, but somehow, I feel a connection. Silly, maybe, but I do. (I've seen him once in concert, and can't wait for your pet to return to Fortification Wayne, IN. )

Thus, reading this book was, to me, like playing an old friend. The stories, the insights, the drama, and the humor; they're all there. Occasionally, I find his theology a tad too religious for my tastes, but I'm big on "agree to argue. "

If you enjoy golf, or rock-n-roll, you find this a very interesting read. If you hate golf, or rock-n-roll, you will still find this a unique read. Dependency. Redemption. The return of the prodigal. Timeless designs as seen through the mascara-laden eyes of stone legend.

PS. My better half also liked it., We enjoyed this book, but I would have enjoyed Alice Cooper to go into a lot of complete tale of the band and his solo career, as well as his own life. It felt like it jumped around a lot. Given the title of the book and the author's love of playing golf, I expected golf to be within the book, although at times it sensed more golf oriented than a biography. Hoping he could write a more in depth account later on.

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