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Typically the book itself is outstanding. IMO, this is the best textbook for students who really want to learn " algorithms" regarding implementation and its research. Compared to CLRS, Sedgewick's approach is more accessible and takes more proper care about how exactly an algorithm is actually implemented. Besides, the booksite and the course in Coursera, especially the programming assignments and quiz, are extremely useful. Additional aspects of the textbooks including algorithm design (OOP), coding style and opinion are incredibly good. Readers not only study about methods but also about software engineering. I do believe the algorithms reading roadmap is: Algorithms (Sedgewick) -> CLRS -> Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms -> TAoCP.

However, the huge problem which makes me voting 4 star for the book is the fact that some figures and illustrates are rendered badly (page nine, 675, 624, 621, 579, 576, 346, 326). Even though I requested Amazon a replacement, the new book still has the same issue., This book has been a fantastic supplement to my learning while taking my first Algorithms course in college. Sedgewick and Wayne show detailed step-by-step explanations of recursive calls, data-structures being built, and so forth My class book is Algorithm Design which is very dense and can be exhausting to read. When I'm not understanding something from that book We hop on over to this one, see the same topic with much more explanations, and it becomes clear. This book also accessories everything in Java, and since my school's primary language is Java it helps me have a stronger grasp of real implementations and helps me link algorithms and data-structures to my actual tasks. There's also lots of supplemented material with this book such as Coursera and their booksite. Recommend it for everyone!, Good book for refreshing yourself (Mandatory to have it if you are in CS), Pure, sophisticated coding. Sedgewick's clarity is stunning!, Great book on algorithms: the author describes basics, then goes dipper into the topic. Typically the exercises are great., Fantastic, this complements with Coursera courses about Algorithms (divided in 2 parts) by Prof. Sedgewick. Is real clear and opens your brain to the way to solve complex problems., Possessing graduated a long time ago, I wish this was my methods course book. For the time being, this is a reference book for me to check now and then.

It is really readable and the author showcases real life usages of certain concepts frequently. There are quite interesting algorithms as well, for instance, I performed not know about any (near) other linear-complexity substring search algorithms, except Knuth's.

The layout of the book also makes it easy to follow., This is the first algorithm book i decide to finish from beginning to ending as We find each chapter is packed with lots of information.

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