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The storyplot was potentially a good one, but it flipped out to be so boring that I got to force myself to finish it. Apparently the author Steve Berry
improves in his later novels. Also the dialog was often baladí, specially in Stephanie's case. Tough to believe this book was a best seller.
But the writer deserves credit for using the Templar history and I learned a lot by reading this guide., I purchased this on the whim - I've noticed some good things about Berry and I have to say, his writing style did not disappoint. And yes, it's totally good to express this is, er, " inspired" by Lalu Brown.

But I think it goes a little far to call it up an outright knockoff. Cotton Malone makes for an interesting protagonist, and the history moves along within his characterization. By that I actually mean I don't have to suspend a complete lot of disbelief to accept startling leaps of insight and intuition from the characters.

The history itself is, well, I am not sure it matters. I actually mean, the plot for thrillers doesn't have to be documentary-quality. Suffice it to say that facts cited aren't inaccurate, the story itself is plausible and works with its very own internal logic, and is actually not something that makes me roll my eyes. There are certain sequences available that had myself turning pages... well, demanding another Page button on my Kindle anyway.

Inside short, it's a satisfying read... a good summary of history to make it accessible to the interested place reader, enough facts to keep it interesting for those who know more about the history in question, and Fruit does interesting things with it all to choose it into a work of fiction. It's a good book., Tom Sagan is a journalist who has been stripped of all his awards for allegedly fabricating a story. His ex-wife is dead and he is alienated from his daughter. On the day that his life changes he is occasions away from committing suicide. A stranger shows him a video of his daughter kept as hostage. Tom feels that he must try to help his girl so he does as the stranger asks up to a point, however Tom's reporter instincts kick in and he refuses to blindly follow instructions specially when his daughter is not turned over to him or her.

This story is a piece of fiction with some basis in fact. Fruit explains in the afterward which is which. I actually enjoyed the book although I thought that it ran a little long. I actually thought that Cotton Malone would make an appearance but he did not. If you like experience thriller type stories, this may be the book for you., a terrible imitation De uma Vinci code (by dan brown). Convoluted plot with clues that only make sense if you pressure them after the truth. Somehow the previous innovator of the Templars could predict the future activities of people to make appropriate strategies. a needlessly convoluted previous about previous people who had found and translated the clues to Atemperar treasure. a treasure Templer secret that made little sense as ammunition to blackmail catholic popes. other gospels had come and gone and been decreed heresy the Templers had forget about reliability than any other prophets spitting into the blowing wind.

character personality are not credible. motivations are ridiculous. action illogical. solutions are found by leaps of logic that strain viewers credibility

I speed read just to see if dramatic conclusion woudl be interesting. don't bother, Natural cotton Malone has retired from the Service, but a visit from his ex-boss, Stephanie, almost immediately will get him active in the action when a thief steals the girl purse. Malone chases the thief who, when cornered, throws himself from the top of the tower. Stephanie retrieves the stolen bag which contains her late husband's diary filled with notes of his research on the possible reemergence of the Templars and clues to the location of their lost value.
Therefore commences the convoluted search by several parties (with good or bad intent) to recover the riches of the Templars. Lots of action, puzzles solved, and only a good romp. Fun to read, if somewhat long., Berry is a fine writer, and this book is no exclusion -- except (you noticed that coming, didn't you? ) this one seems almost needlessly complex. The particular plot sometimes felt needlessly artificial and forced in order to have things head where he needed them too - and that was too clear (the " forcing it" ). I may read #2 in the Natural cotton Malone series because I actually liked him - he is on top of things. Loved the Danish settings for at least area of the book, too (I was familiar with Copenhagen), but could barely stand Stephanie Nelle... she is NOT REALLY a sympathetic character in the least., Fascinating history with clear attention-to-detail research completed provide accurate history. All of that in-depth background - - while often adding credibility to the history line - - maintained to slow the history down somewhat too much for me. I like mysteries, and unexpected changes and turns, but I actually like more action blended in with them than " Legacy" provided. Even more pace to the history and I would have graded it 5 stars. Actually so, I recommend it - - particularly for the detail-oriented reader of historically-themed thrillers.

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