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This book is a beautifully rendered portrait of Hamilton, both his public life great private life. As so many other reviewers have noted, the book is an sort of first-rate biographical research and the majority of the book is well-written.

Up to chapter 16, “Dr. Pangloss, ” the storyplot is superbly told. However when Thomas Jefferson enters Hamilton’s life, much of the book becomes a comparison between Hamilton, who got his own well-documented personal failings, with Jefferson who, if the text is to be believed, got nothing but personal failings. Jefferson is variously described as hypocritical, duplicitous and conniving. Undoubtedly, Jefferson fit much of this description but so did Hamilton in their Federalist-Republican (anti-Federalist) feud in the 1790’s. What troubled me was the undeniable negative portrayal of Jefferson, Madison (after 1790) and John Adams. Hamilton is portrayed accurately and fully as a brilliant and decent man with some major flaws. Jefferson and, to a somewhat smaller extent, Madison and Adams, are portrayed as deeply flawed individuals who happened to have a few good points. The language reinforces this. If one were to count the in a negative way loaded adjectives and verbs accorded to Hamilton’s about three main opponents, they would vastly outnumber any positive linguistic connotations. In order to sharpen Hamilton’s character characterization, the that Chernow provides of Hamilton’s opponents is, given other biographies of these men, less than just.

The name-calling, smear campaigns and character assassinations in the 1790’s are appalling (but less so given the 2016 Usa president campaign). However, several years after independence and only a few years after the Constitution was ratified, the fears of the anti-Federalists were real ones. Jefferson’s and Madison’s hypocrisy and the foibles of Steve Adam’s personality notwithstanding, the concerns expressed were often genuine ones in those days about what kind of country the United States would be and how the Metabolic rate should be interpreted. The particular chance that the Jeffersonians could have a new point becomes lost in Chernow’s continuous barrage of claims about duplicity, hypocrisy and malicious intentions.

Therefore i thought this was a brilliant characterization of the man who founded our monetary and, to a big extent, our political system. The characterization of Aaron Burr is excellent and the factors leading up to the duel are gripping. But the mid-section of the publication would have been even better if Chernow got presented Hamilton’s foes in a fuller, less in a negative way charged light., I select the music book version of Alexander Hamilton because of to the fact that I am vision impaired. I found the music version to be read at
such a rapid speed that it was very hard for me to absorb the information when it was read. I have many music textbooks that are read at
a lot more sensible pace---a pace that might be noticed on radio or TV. Probably the reader had to read so fast as a result of vast
quantity of text. Guess if there were an abridged music version available it would be an improved choise., Will take you back to your senior high school and college American History classes, but with more personal insight into the moral characteristics of the prime movers in our Republic. He dwells on the love affairs of the married political primary movers of the 1780's/1790's, sounds almost like the Hollywood stories of today. Also like in the modern Washington " swamp", his description of the sour infighting in the newly established congress between Federalists and " Republicans" provides us a good background of the development of our present two celebration democracy.., Having seen Hamilton on Broadway and being taken away by the performance and the history, Choice to pick this upward. This is a truly enjoyable and comprehensible book about a topic that always can be somewhat like dry bread toasted. This isn't your average history book people. Chernow writes in such a way that makes his topic not only palatable but interesting. Chernow carefully covered an incredible quantity of information to compose this. It is intelligent and well documented. I would suggest this book to anyone whether you are a history buff or not. It is that good. I am unable to say enough good things. Immediately, buy it. It's fantastic and really revived an important figure in American history., Chernow is a grasp at bringing to life the character of Alexander Hamilton in all his aspects, good and bad. No dry history here - this is a very engaging "read", tugging one into the activities surrounding the formation and functioning in our federal authorities, along with the machinations of important people as they tussle to suggest their viewpoints for... and against... those of Alexander Hamilton, who proves himself to be a tour-de-force in the depth and breadth of his knowledge. And as strong thoughts are formulating and fighting political positions, the viewer is taken along for the ride. Side note: today's "fake news" is minor league stuff in comparison to what was being printed back then!, A great amazing learn about an amazing founding father. His successes simply boggle your brain, and truly he can be called " the father of American government". Chernow's history is extremely readable despite the length, and he really does not spare Hamilton when it comes to personal excesses and plain pig-headedness. My only quibble is that he makes Jefferson, in particular, and Madison, to a lesser diploma, look mainly like personal hacks only out to " get" Hamilton by whatever nefarious means, instead than try to represent in a more even-handed way their own anti-federal government philosophy. Other recognized biographers of the founding fathers and their times (e. g. George Herring, Gordon Wood) are not so openly one-sided on these matters. No doubt Jefferson and Madison were self-serving hypocrites, based on the facts, but - with the exception of Wa - no character in this book - including Hamilton - comes out unscathed in this value. If you think the current poisoned political atmosphere of personal attacks by Trump, Clinton, et. 's. and their supporters is bad, you should read what our founding dads did, or tried to because of each other. Genuinely a sorry spectacle!

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