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An extremely short biography of Joe Turing, most well-known as the scientist who was key in the English effort to " open[.. ] the Enigma", the German coding machine. David Boyle's guide starts with the 2013 " Statutory Pardon of Alan Mathison Turing", in fact there was a veritable rush to result a posthumous " statutory pardon to one of Britain's greatest scientists" and recognition of him by the British government. " Present in the step to hear him were members of Turing's family, and at least one former colleague of his at the very top secret code splitting establishment at Bletchly Recreation area. " A far cry from the events that lead to his suicide in 1954. Turing openly flaunted an 1885 bill criminalizing homosexuality and was finally sentenced to something like chemical substance castration. He likely committed suicide shortly afterwards. Most of the book is spent on following Turing from one scientific center and interest to another, from Oxford to Princeton back to London. As soon as there was interest in his ideas and findings, having been on to the next breakthrough. I often had to interrupt and appearance up the theories Turing posited. " He ought perhaps to be remembered for his pioneering contribution to the very beginning of information technology. ", I down loaded this guide to learn more about Joe Turing aafter being released to him in the excellent new movie about him. I did learn some new facts which I assume are correct. Nevertheless the book is not a great piece of literature. It really does not explore the depths of this fascinating man. It's about Wikipedia level!, If you are interested in why many people fail in life and why some succeed, this is the book for you, plus a few others I have read. Alan Turing overcame all odds to become one of the most influential person in the field of technology. I had formed a little trouble getting started but , like Alan Turing, I persevered and am so glad I did.
More than the story of a person, this is the story of an age; the story of a man who noticed that he could change his world for the best. A lot more than that he came to know what was needed and did it. The world has been changed.
He is evidence that one man opened society's mind to what can be accomplished. I am not going to tell you what he did and just how. That would be giving away the child with the bath water. Suffice to say that his eye was never off his goal for long and finally society is experiencing what he envisioned. Read the book and
enjoy while learning or proving what you thought you already knew., I was conscious of this war time history at a superficial level but this book shows detail and insight that hadn't previously been mine. Insofar as it unlocks the enigma, as the book's title promised, it provides a fantastic read. Nevertheless it fails to weave in the personal history of Turing in any meaningful way so that I was left are you wondering why. After all his history is of a demonized, despised homosexual to many in society during that time and his brilliant mind failed to impress so many of those who should have been impressed, not saying eternally thankful, for his contribution in the war effort. For the reader who want to understand well the story of cracking the enigma code this is otherwise an excellent, interesting and insightful guide. Tony Edwards  The particular Slope of Kongwa Hill: A Boy's Tale of Africa , Well done, and interesting... and brief read, or, actually, just the right length. If you want to learn more about Turing, he points you to biographies. If you want to learn more about the era and related subjects, or other interesting eras and periods, the author has written similar books which are shown at the end of the Kindle edition, and I assume the papers version as well. We have never read anything more by David Boyle, but it certainly made me thinking about reading some of his other work. Inside a way, this seems like a volume in a large body of work composed of other volumes., technology, mathematics, computing, biography

The particular only thing that That i knew of about Alan Turing before this book was a few things about his role in cracking the Stew Code in WW2. This particular limited biography explores his role in advancing the computer sciences and development of A I. There is detailing of his being persecuted by his own government because of his homosexuality.
Barnaby Edwards is very good as narrator., Informative, but it reads like a university term paper., I learned a great offer concerning this 20th century professional and the obstacles this individual faced. What an mind! An excellent code breaker who saved us from Hitler.

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