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In y opinion, this publication is amazing in every possible way, it has everything you could actually look for in a publication.
First let us talk about just how it is written, it offers different narrators, going from third person to first (especially when the characters are thinking), it is also devote a historical background, making everything more real and interesting, it also has several time jumps, this allows the reader to have different perspectives of what’s happening at the same time, and also attractive timeline.
Now talking about the story itself, I must admit that even when I thought it involved to disappoint me, something turned everything around, the history even better.
It has the perfect blend between planning strategies, deceiving, science and technology, adventure, suspense, love between the primary character and a girl along with his family, loyalty, friendship, morals, proper rights, and several other items.
It is also very important that the story is credible, and down to earth, I mean it is just a novel, and it involves a degree of fantasy, but it is beautifully balanced.
The characters are well built and believable, these are neither too perfect and perfect nor really stupid to the point you get frustrated.
Ill finish this review by saying I couldn’t put down the book until I had read the last page. I really recommend this book, for all ages., Eoin Colfer was on my brother's bookshelf when I visited your pet. The cover called in my experience; so I ordered my own copy. What a wonderful adventure story. Conor Broekhart's travels from the young precocious student to becoming witness to political assassination to prisoner to fugitive to hero is a breathtaking plot! Colfer's villain, Bonvilain is so dastardly that it makes the novel entertaining, not bogging us down so much with the mental intricacies of character development. What Colfer does exquisitely well is present us all with well-drawn and unique characters that move the story's plot briskly, so that it is a page turner. The particular budding romance with the lovely Princess Isabella provides sweetness to what at times is a brutal history in the prison mines. I particularly liked Declan Broekhart's sense of duty and loyalty and his try to balance this work dedication to his love for his family. Marketed for the younger viewer, it also an excellent read for the adult viewer. It is really an enjoyable adventure. Appreciate!, I admire Eoin Colfer's writing, and I very much liked this guide. Right now there is plenty of adventure, and the primary character faces many perils-- maybe a few too many. There are some very violent confrontations and death of a beloved friend in this book. There are times when things are extremely bleak for the primary figure. if you have a young viewer who is sensitive, I might hold off on this till they're old. But for you ready for this, they will enjoy learning about the inventions as well as the society., WOW! This was an action loaded thrill ride from commence to finish. Conner Broekhart was born to fly, or born flying to be more precise. Conner has always been interested in balloons, gliders, and heavier than air craft that would be able to take him into the air. King Nicholas of the Saltee Islands has urged Conner's interest and even a new tutor, Victor Vigny, teach Conner what he has to know to be an airman. Until the unthinkable happens. The King and Victor are brutally murdered and Connor is accused of the offense and sent to the prison on Little Saltee to mine diamonds for the rest of his life. Conner struggles to survive the prison and keeps a restricted hold on his ambitions of flight, possibly the only way he will ever escape Little Saltee.

I loved this publication, probably one of my favorites this year. Conner is a noble main character who often uses minds over brawn. The publication easily takes you through many years in Conner's life and doesn't drag at all. The supporting characters are well developed. Fencing, flying, and bold rescues and escapes make this one exciting publication. In some ways it reminded me of the Count of Monte Cristo and other classic literature, except in, There are few authors writing for young people today who have as much capability as Eoin Colfer. This individual could easily write best-selling long form fiction for adults, but luckily for us, he concentrates his special capabilities into weaving fanciful tales that are appropriate for school libraries. Almost all of00 his tales are placed in or involve Ireland, and brings the magic of the Emerald Isle to every type of his writing. Airman is a suspenseful tale that is a fitting honor to The Count of Monte Cristo. Airman tells the story of Conor Broekhart, a young man born in a hot air balloon, destined for greatness in all things. One inexplicable twist of fate puts Conor on a path of survival, and ultimately, revenge in this frenetically paced, edge-of-your-seat webpage turner, set against the backdrop of a imaginary empire built on the real Saltee Islands off the coast of Ireland in europe. Intrigue, politics, love, unfaithfulness, high-adventure, flight... This publication really experience it all. Youthful and old, male and feminine alike will love this book. Fans of the Artemis Fowl series will appreciate the smart dialogue and careful pacing, as well as the powerful characters. For me, Eoin Colfer is among the two or three finest writers alive that produces for young people. This book is rare treasure., Reading this book I used to be reminded of the style of writing from the late 1800s/early 1900s. This story is sort of a combination of several other popular items of literature, written for the more modern viewer. Some sub stories and characters didn't appear to be properly resolved. Continue to a mostly enjoyable publication overall. I could see this being made into a movie at some point., All good except finishing too short

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