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I'm shopping around for a type of fighting techinques that is most suited to myself and my son to learn. I get the basics of what Aikido is, thanks to this book. This bundle will not however teach you the step by step techniques and enables you to graduate to master level, simply by self reading, but instead this guide lays the essential groundwork for one to decide if Aikido is the martial art to learn for oneself and if one has the discipline and dedication required to sustain determination to this form of martial art.

Glad to possess gotten this book. Rereading it soon to drink, slurp within me the fundamentals and concepts of Aikido. Recommended., This 3 " book" bundle consists of three hmm... essays obviously written in foreign language. Text and information quality reaches the level of a C+ 8-th grader essay to commence with. Add poor translation to English, inaccurate digitization to Kindle format, and you get an idea what this " book" set is around. Oh, all three " books" of the bundle are evidently compiled by the same person (same phrases are repeated throughout with some minor word-shuffling). Wikipedia webpage would provide more information on Aikido than this " bundle". Total waste of time., Though I'm not practicing aikido, this guide gives me a fabulous preliminary feel for the martial art, and may seem like it would serve as a fantastic reference for the newbie or intermediate aikido college student that wants to add a little practice time. Clear, concise explanations and equally instructive illustrations., Now this is a good set of books to read if one desires to learn some methods he can defend themselves. Aikido seems easy to learn and I believe that I might be able to get started on it, too. This book established has given me the encouragement I need., I love aikido specially because it approaches the opponent in an positive manner. This also is very useful in health problems. I liked how this e-book even provided information in the weapons traditionally used. It is just a deal to pay. 99 cents for the three books. The techniques of defense bring helpful numbers. I'll expend the next two months mastering aikido, and this book will be a very helpful guide., There are many many typos., Learning Aikido can aid in instilling discipline within yourself and train you to become centered on getting your goals. This guide provides you with the use of weapons in Aikido training and the several techniques of practising the martial artwork. Quite a cool sports activity to pick up!, The good resource to possess for understanding the philosophy at the rear of the art

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