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If you have eight dollars and you aren't starving, buy this guide. I won't be calling this book revolutionary or orgasmic or whatever since wish all tired of affectation. However, it is good.

Now as for my headline, yes Scott Meredith is weird. He has a penchant for abbreviations even when they might not exactly be needed. He evidently went to MIT and yet he spends all his time screwing around with these things as opposed to building fancy robots or whatever. I'm sure his mother is very disappointed.

That will aside, my biggest complaint about the book is that he didn't write it years ago. I'm having a lot of fun by it and I really want to see where these practices take me personally.

And if you're reading this, Mr. Meredith, glow on you crazy gemstone., I think Mr. Meredith really wanted to name this book " Things I missed putting at the end of my books Juice: Radical Taiji Energetics and Radical Xingyi Energetics. " But Aiki Singularity is catchier.

It's mostly a selection of great internal energy drills, explained in beautiful clarity and simplicity. This individual includes pictures, thank benefits. If you've read Jeff Meredith before, this guide is invaluable. If you haven't, please don't start here. Read Xingyi or Taji Energetics and come again to this.

Jeff Meredith is as wild, as wacky, and as brilliant as ever. Sometimes his style annoys, but with this level of amazing teaching he could get away with ten times that and We would still have to give him or her five stars. The material is merely so worthwhile. Other times his chatty, participating writing -- with all the passion of an eight-year-old in a toy store -- is great.

The training drills are all impressive. Cat step shiko alone.... wow. It would have been worth the cost of the book only for that. This book has transformed the way I actually do a few other things on my own. The outcomes talk for themselves., An excellent distillation of Mr. Meredith's work which i use as a starting point for training. (Later, one can refer to Meredith's other publications for even more ideas/elucidation of the concepts and drills of discussed here. )

In case you have any in developing Aiki power and don't know where to turn, then " The Aiki Singularity" is tel il peut ĂȘtre utile de., Very interesting information. It is useful to have some background knowledge in regards to what the author is mentioning to, but very accessible., Great not surprisingly. Loved it. I've read some of Scott's previous books, and this one follows the queue I've been used with, and then adds more... Thanks, Scott!, ok, The greatest wisdom and many fantastic and useful results of the Orient are bound upwards in concepts like " qi, " " jing, " and " shen. " These confound most Western readers---especially me. If we value wisdom enough, we will seek out deeper details in older texts. Nevertheless, when we do that, we find that it is hopeless. The concepts were written in ways that are at the best inscrutable and at most detrimental purposely misleading. The great talents of some of their healers and several martial artists show that there is " something" there, but Traditional western readers have little access, and, we could say, no access to this. By reason of very long study and reflection, the author has unadulterated specific, concrete, and efficacious ways that will allow anyone at all---and anyone means anyone---to experience for themselves the actual mysteries that form the foundation for Oriental medicine and martial arts. It is an experiential event, a kind of awakening. If reading a Tai Chi traditional might be like reading the score to a symphony, actually going to the concert and listening to the symphony is another experience entirely. So, many of us want to see for ourselves and know for ourselves, but we have no way to do it. Mr. Meredith suggests very good ways that would allow me to get to this very helpful and useful experience. The exercises do not appear flashy or wonderfully interesting in themselves, but that part can be good. Because they aren't exotically complicated, even people of poor health could really do them fully. Therefore , it is a good gateway for almost everyone who is willing to obtain. In case a person asks, " Does this guy's stuff really work---or is it rubbish? " then We think the question is fair, but poorly posed. If any student really does this technique in a careful, consistent, and exact way---doing precisely what he's told and nothing more---then We believe that such a person will eventually succeed---regardless. It's not simply that this great stuff, it is absolutely the case that it's horribly difficult to find any other clear instruction in this important area. I'm positive Bruce Lee would want this book by immediately mail, if he were still active., The real thing.

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