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Jones Moore has written a really compassionate and optimistic book on aging and how to undertake it well. This individual points out that it’s not merely our bodies that age but also our soul. And while our bodies could have its limits when it gets older, our soul knows no limits and can mature and improve throughout our lives.

Most of us have of our past ages now dwelling in our soul. We certainly have a youthful soul that it’s important to stay in touch with. We need to keep those souls in harmony, not too much of an old soul, however, not too much of a young soul either. We’re not a complete person if we not retain each one of the ages of our heart and soul. We start our getting older process as soon as we’re created and we need to continue to build our character as we age group. Some of us only age physically, while our soul remains stagnant and never really develops. We need to remain available to new opportunities and learning and how to connect with others.

Mr. Moore writes about how precisely older people can become “elders” and help mentor the young. That’s something that is apparently absent in our society. It is a youthful society and the merits of learning from the wisdom of its elders is not as important as it once was.

We have to embrace the experience of growing older rather than dreading it. Mr. Moore has written a beautiful book that can be referred to again and again throughout our lives.


This book was handed to me by the publisher in return for an honest review., I will add a caveat before We proceed with my review. I believe it's a good idea to read chapter 14, AND then go back and read the book.

Mr. Moore is a master of the soul, and this book is no less a great work than all the others he has penned over the years. What makes this one even more insightful is the fact at seventy-seven (or there abouts) this individual knows well what this individual is talking about, even without the mass of research and " hands-on" meeting with folks who are living through the process.

He offers a lot of themselves in this book. And the book is for everyone, those who hope for some sort of after-life, and those who are comfortable with an conclusion to it all. Typically the book is much about living, not dying.

This individual is a specialist in his field, yet he orders the ability to allow the less-indoctrinated to follow along with each information.

This guide is for all of us, should we be lucky enough to grow old.

Thank you, Mr. Moore

P. S. The caveat? Hope of an after-life, I bring that with me into senior years. Chapter 14 allows me that., This is a valuable buoyant book, written with insight and charm.

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