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This specific writer recorded his thoughts but waited 20 years after he wrote these to publish. I enjoyed this book more than any other book I read about that tragic season. This is written like this individual was talking to you - or like you or I would tell it. Very personal and offers little details I've never heard any other writer give! I read all these books about mountaineering, about tragedies on these mountain range.
In alert - It is written From his and his team's experiences/perspective with Details, he writes about Rob Hall's team.
Doesn't speculate or intrude on the privacy of Scott Fischers team or attempt to fill in his knowledge with other people's versions, just what his team experienced.
I've read all the books about that tragedy - This guide put everything together in such a way none of the other did.
Thank you to Mr. Kasiscke for this book. It had been inspiration for me., I've read several books about this tragedy, and I think this is the best. Mcdougal has a way of taking the reader inside his head throughout the leadup and during the ordeal. I was reading some of the most powerful parts while sitting down on my back outdoor patio while it was 70 levels out, but I received so cold reading the chapter that I had to go make myself a cup of hot green tea and get a jacket before I could continue reading., I gave this book a 5 based on the majority of the content. I discovered that the approach of the middle aged climber was more meaningful to me than Into Thin Air. This was an eye fixed opener to realize that Rob Hall made way too many mistakes. Mistakes that cost four or five lives! It shows up that if you put money before judgement can impair the reactions of even the best people. What s shame.
Anyway, I did find this book to be a page turner except for the conversations with the wifey. It is certainly good that they are so close although it did occur to me that she was very angry inside for years as you could believe that in her letters., The first thing I want to say is that the pictures alone are worth the expense of the book! The performer managed, in black and white (charcoal? ), to capture the eerie agony of the '96 catastrophe in spine-tingling illusions. That will said, the book itself, and completely understandably from the author's point of view is a vehicle to posthumously vilify Rob Hall. I did, however , appreciate reading his side of the story. The book is well-written, clearly sincere, and a fantastic view of some other side of the story. Plus the regular tip of Kasischke's love for his wife as his motivation to survive is touching, albeit just a little overdone imho., I've read a few other accounts pertaining to the events of the 1996 Everest tragedy, this one was the most personal and touching. I almost passed this book by, so glad I finally chose to read it. An extremely heart felt, personal account., I liked this retelling of the 1996 Everest tragedy from Lou's perspective. It's apparent why Lou survived; he is a man who won't take conditions at face value. Careful and soul-searching deliberations saved this mountaineer from a deadly destiny. I'm not sure We would have passed gather on keeping myself safe under such conditions. We would have had many panic attacks. Mr. Kasischke's skill of cold computations under tremendous stress and awful circumstances is admirable indeed. Thank you for this moving and honest account., I highly recommend this well-written and very innovative analysis of the 1996 EVEREST tragedy. I have read Into Thin Atmosphere and Boukareev's book along with Beck's book and taken together one will get a very clear and tough love perspective on why the tragedy occurred. Kasischke nails the cause if he shows how Rob Hall's leadership failed the climbing clients due to commercial and perhaps self confidence reasons. My only complaint is that the guide is years late. This so bookmarks the previously mentioned works that they only come into true perspective after reading Kasischke. I would like to point out that when a profound belief in God is combined with loving one's spouse more than one loves oneself could only result in Kasischke making his crucial life saving decision to turn around and not choose the peak due to the lateness of the day and the group around the Hillary Step., Sensed uncomfortable that all criticism was levelled at Rob Hall if he has no right of reply. Bruising assessment and may well be accurate but We suspect most people have made assumptions and relegated blame after reading all the great first-line accounts which may have circulated since the catastrophe. I felt the guide did not add something to everything already released. It seemed more self-serving with the seeming goal to publicly affirm his wife in perhaps an effort to ease the guilt perhaps of multiple disette in pursuing what, of necessity, has to be a selfish past time. We congratulate him on deciding to abandon something so ill-fated, but the psychological connection and inner tone which supposedly guided him all seems retrospectively to fit too conveniently in the decision to conclusion his climbing career

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