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I wanted to understand the origins of Shia Islam and every book I found in English was either horrendously boring, too critical charged, or both. This book was simply perfect for it. I couldn't put it down. Yes, this kind of narrative history has its weaknesses, but I actually haven't seen anything that works better as an summary of the topic. History is about people's tales, after all.

My one complaint is that financing is disabled on the Kindle version. This is the sort of book that, if I owned it in print, I'd be offering to my friends. It can hard enough to convince friends to test books you recommend although you may are shoving the book into their hands - I'm not certain I can convince one to pay for it on my recommendation alone. Might be I just need better friends., This title was picked by our book membership recently. Meeting next month to discuss. I expect it will generate a lively discussion. Hazelton's writing is spare and engaging instead than erudite and boring. Although it appears to be well researched, sometimes the story takes on a soap opera air. But that's because the history of early Islam has more than its discuss of drama, intrigue, national politics and familial rivalry. Along with the recent appearance of Sunni-backed ISIS/ISIL on the entire world scene, After the Forecaster provides reader considerable history on the earliest historical past of the Shia and Sunni branches of Islamic and what drives their deep animosities and fundamentalist extremism. For readers looking for more understanding of the Koran and their teachings, this book does not meet those needs. But , if you want an overview of the first history of the emergence of the trust, it greatly delivers., A good imminently readable book that concisely sets down the early history of Islamic and why the extremists groups within the Sunni and Shia Muslim areas really hate each other. I had formed read quite a bit about Muhammad, but the Shia and Sunni troubles did not start until after Muhammad, so I performed not really understand problems nor the depth of feelings, until reading Following your Prophet. And it is essential to understand these feelings and issues to properly understand what is happening today between Islamic Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and so forth A new wonderful insight. I'll be learning much more of Lesley Hazletons books., seems a little bias for the shia viewpoint. i did learn some new things. now internet marketing gonna have to read it on the sunni perspective., Devoted mostly to the first history of Islamic - with occasional quips on modern matters, this is an enthralling and compelling human saga. The author handles controversial issues with deftness and humanity. May be read as important background for outsiders to understand the Near East, or as human drama at least as convincing as that found in the Christian/Judaic Old Testament.

Professionals on the history of Islam may find the treatment superficial. For the rest of us, this book is a work of love that gives beautifully.

Thank you., Bottom Collection In advance, this is actually a fine summary of a historical past about which most Us citizens know little. It truly is written in a narrative style that might irritate those who are employed to their history coming to them in a more conventional voice-there were several occasions in the book where I wondered "How could anyone know that that happened? "-but the thrust of the account is well-documented elsewhere. The only weakness, in my viewpoint, was your rather rushed way in which she determined the book. As another reporter noted, simply to state that at the ending of the day Shia's and Sunni's are more alike than they are different seems unsupported in what the girl had written before and in any case, beside the point. Still, anyone with any interest in international affairs should read this book. I wish I actually had done so before my last trip to areas., I enjoyed the author's writing. Her guide is definitely read, and I actually find it, never to complicated to follow. I imagine one can trust so much in a source that seems almost 'partisan' to one of the branches of Islam..., although I can only say, it is inviting to continue reading and searching for other opinions.
Her exposé and the girl wit is particular good when commenting on Aisha's role; and her available questions really helpful and inviting., Lesley Hazeleton may well not be a devote Muslim but as a practicing psychiatrist she applies well information from her years of practice in explaining the split of Islam into Shia and Sunni. Probably better than many devote Moslems would because the are simply too close to this issue matter and the figures involved are " bigger than life". An sympathetic outsider often brings a fresh viewpoint that reporters miss.

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