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Superb book! (Except that the print scans to electronic digital editing is very weak. ) Essential read for many who enjoy hunting and getting out in the wilds. I thoroughly enjoyed Mister. Loring's writing style and the recounting of his several excellent hunting experience inside savage Africa with right now antiquated firearms. Also, this individual reveals the true characteristics from the indigenous peoples (natives, savages, heathens, kaffirs, etc. ); the requirements necessary to gain and maintain their own respect, and avert mutinies within his camps. All those natives who became “unsociable” required a “firm hand” (i. e. a thumping with a whip created from rhino hide strips), without which the natives dropped all respect for the Bwana and continued their own mischief till the proper abuse was applied. Usually, the punished native would come to be much more dedicated to his / her duties and dispense with further mischief. Loring's in depth descriptions of life “in the bush” including the: sadistic and murderous savage tribes, serious weather, “true meaning” of thirst, terrain, fauna/flora, faunal foraging methods, plus flavors of the faunal meat, recommended environments plus defense mechanisms of each species was quite exposing and riveting. I may read it over and over., I've hunted Africa... this is certainly as real as this gets! Well written without the hype that encompases many African stories. Exciting details regarding safari existence; the food, camp staff, conditions, etc.. I really like African stories from this specific era and also this one measures up.... Good companion in order to Roosevelt's African Game Tracks., Great read if your enthusiastic about the real offer. Well-written and funny in times. And free the best part. Enjoy this specific classic adventure., The author of this book was a member of Theodore Roosevelt's expedition to Cameras. He served as the curator for specimans of which Teddy shot as nicely as collecting some regarding his own. The book may be of particular interest to those who have go through Roosevelt's book concerning the journey. Alden describes some activities of his own at the same time adding more details of which supplement Roosevelt's. He also added some stories of which were obtained from others. These additions detracted from the overall quality from the publication in my opinion. Total well worth reading for anyone enthusiastic about early African exploration or Theodore Roosevelt., Everybody grows up aware about Cameras, but unless we drill down deeper into stories regarding it's history, native individuals, and the amazing variety of animals and plants discovered there, I don't think we understand that very much about it. A land where any of many animals can and perform kill humans - actually in modern days - is usually unique for that alone, but nowhere else on the planet are there as several " game animals" because on the African flatlands. Reading stories from the earlier hunters and explorers is usually of great interest in my experience., I found the stories here quite entertaining plus interesting. Reading the individual stories, I found myself reliving the particular events as in case I were immediately inside Africa. The fact of which nearly all of the stories were actual accounts from individuals who are there added the sense of realism with each story. I felt just like I was right there in the course of each event. Makes me personally wish I were presently there when these events required place., IMHO a great book of African searching yarns but a bit sketchy. Even though author was a great official scientist on Teddy Roosevelt's big African safari, it is neither the record of the vacation (I have got TR's own book to go through, hopefully for that) nor was it a really scientific tome. Just believe the tilte and you may not end up being disappointed. It really is simply another selection of African advenure stories, some personal, plus some second hand. A good read no less., This particular is a way regarding life that is gone forever. I find this extremely interesting that these kinds of folks sought out into the wilds of Africa searching these extremely dangerous animals. Although I am delighted that now they have got game refuges and handled hunting, I find these kinds of early hunters fascinating.

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