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Really well-written with solid academic underpinnings. A fascinating look at a different way of living., Not the things i had hoped for. Too much on regional history and not enough about culture and society., This is a beautifully written book that champions writing anthropology for a wider public. I found Affluence without Abundance to be powerfully evocative and filled with ethnographic insights that span centuries. Rather than omit the “ever-grimmer realities of modern Bushman life” to serve an completely romantic agenda, mcdougal recounts the lives of the Ju|’hoansi as they are really. He does this without losing sight of the joy and humour that characterises their lives., I met some of the 'San' people recently, of course in a touristic establishing, having long since overlooked Laurens Van Der Post's writing.
The San came across as cheerful, funny, genuine, very in touch with their environment - I left very amazed. My spouse says I chop down in love with these -
many have it seems.
They are not 'primitive' people.
James captures this beautifully - with historical history, overview of their history, problems caused by connection with other cultures and hilarious anecdotes every now and then - where the San get their own back at white farmers & Herero people.
James makes the point well that their way of life is very longstanding - our 'recorded history' is not much more than a blink of an attention by comparison.
Study of this diet of San has been one of the triggers for interest in 'Paleo' food - fairly high on meat and while the San do not get as much exercise as you will think about they are fit and relatively disease free - this is yet to be explained.
When they switch to a more western way of life and diet they succumb to the usual medical problems - diabetes, obesity, etc

I will explore the recommended reading list at the back of the guide., I found much to think about in this book and particularly enjoyed the first half. Because the book advanced, I still found a lot of interesting ideas, anthropology and history, but I felt the guide meandered. I lost trail of the point of the book. It protected a lot of diverse issues relative to the Bushmen and then attempted, in the last pages, to wrap everything up in a neat package. Nevertheless, I would definitely recommend it for readers interested in south Africa and anthropology., Wonderfully written and filled up with insights into how one of the world's previous hunter-gatherer societies has struggled to reconcile its traditional values with the rapidly encroaching reality of modern capitalist life, A kind of rambling look at the three eras: hunter/gatherer agricultural & industrial/post thru the lens of the author's long aquaintance with bushman culture.
Well worth reading on the most essential issues facing us in person & as a global human being society., The subtitle says 'disappearing' but sadly the world of the Bushman is long gone, as the author makes clear in this book. The book is actually little worried about 'affluence w/o abundance'; instead it's more of a rambling memoir of the author's experience in the region. I found it mildly interesting.

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