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The 2nd best book on Affirmative Action is "Collision Course" by Hugh Davis Graham.

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Affirmative action programs - United States, I bought this book a yr ago after i found out that affirmative action was going to be one of the topics to be discussed in an English class that I actually was taking. This guide is the ultimate reference point for building up an argument against affirmative action and figuring out what statistics to throw in along with it. Extremely informative not only on the history of affirmative action in the United Declares, this book also includes many factual tidbits highly relevant to understanding the more abstract and technical arguments against affirmative action as well., Steven Farron sets out to comprehensively document how affirmative action has evolved and distorted our society from college or university admission, college or university grading, job applications, and job performance. His style is very readable and not at all pedantic. I started the book and couldn't put it down until it was finished. The subject is broken into various chapters, each associated with another form of affirmative action as applied by our government and academic bureaucracies. The particular result is a complete and informative recount of how affirmative action has changed the structure of our society, for good or evil. Farron is obviously privately of less affirmative action but he or she gives his reasons for this stance and pertains the price we all spend on our progressive interpersonal policies.
Mr. Farron's style is straight forward and easy to comprehend. Although he has done significant research to the figures related to affirmative action the reader never gets inundated with cold facts.
His quarrels are succinct also to the idea, never verbose and unknown. I thoroughly enjoyed the book
And can use it as a guide as I navigate our new society., This book is right on the truth. Proves every accusations. Not PC, but informs the truth. Everyone should read it. It factors out that you have, not only affirmative action in tickets, but also in grading, and graduation in colleges. Also, shows have checks have been dumbed down so groups that didn't pass the previous checks in high enough figures could pass. Also talks about the effects on the work place because of not hiring the most certified people for the job. All of affirmative action is based on the false notion that every team of folks have the same abilities and intelligence. Start out with false premises and you get bad and false strategies to problems, just like "No Kid Left Behind". Anyone with any sense should know that weight loss make everybody reach the same degree, else we could all be rocket scientists. I highly recommend this book., Loaded with stats, this book tells you exactly why the country is going down the drain. You will check out " diversity" in a new way., This excelent book should be in the hands of each white man over the age of about twelve. It's the only way they are going to know how the cards are piled against them. Perfect SITTING score? Forget it. GPA better than 4? Overlook it. Bunch of AP classes? Good score on the LSAT and MCAT? Forget it. Nothing is more mportant than whether you are black, dark brown, or whatever, even if you just got off the boat and may not possibly have any history of elegance in the us. If you add women to the list, everyone except white males is deserving of some special treatment.

Plus they lie about it. Oh, everyone has the same chance regardless of color. Bull. When the facts get out, as Farron discusses at great duration in his book, advantage is no longer the primary criteron. It's color and cronyism.

Good luck to all you white males who think hard work can get you into a good school or job.

However read Farron's book.

Upgrade, 7/2017: For anyone who thinks the book is an exaggeration, see ZERO CAMPUS FOR WHITE GUYS (2017), Scott Greer.
He gives example after example of the insanity of the personality politics rampant on college or university campuses today, all to the detriment of
sanity, the Constitution and white people in general.

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