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  • Publication Date: September 13, 2013
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Love this show, love this comic, sooo happy to be able to finally get it in TPB!

Ryan North is a perfect fit for Adventure Time!
Story kept as rule as possible!
TPB = no adverts!
Cover photo gallery for the huge amount of alternate covers, many by popular indie musicians!
Includes Free of charge Comic Book Day story (idk about you when I made to my my local comic shop for FCBD they got already given out all the adventure time books)

B-side stories by different writers/artists not included (ryan north posted that they would be gathered in a different trade at a later date, I had been unable to get anything from boom to confirm this though): chemical, Abstract: The comic regulation has much of those that have made me love the cartoon version. Original story with themes and characters from the show. I'm an adult without kids, but I have loved animation since my own childhood. Adventure Time is one of my favorite series, despite usually preferring cartoons, or western animation for older viewers like Ruler of the Hill or Archer.


This is the first "universe" I've gotten into enough to actively seek out additional media. This is also my first purchase (I also got Vol. 2 before writing this. )

Please forgive me basically use incorrect terms. I will be not particularly familiar with the or fan-terms for comics or manga.

1. Excellent artwork, and in a color palette steady across media. I like the color in general, it is very accessible and appropriate for the subject issue. I like noir and avant-garde art too, but I believe the choices for the series as a whole contribute to its charm and ease of review.

2. Story: the book is an original story in the Experience Time universe. It is not a direct novelization (comicification? ) of the animated show. That would be fun too, but I sought it away wanting more AT (new to me) content.

The story is good. Lumped along with the animations I would rate an episode with this story as 3. 5-4★ of 5. I will surely read this book again too.

3. Accessories: it comes with an extra 20-30 pages of cover art for various special runs, and somewhat of author commentary. I got the kindle version, but I possibly could see these and the show title playing cards as an amazing coffee desk book.

4. It's Experience Time.

I really enjoy the series. I'm usually into stuff like cartoons (most genres), adult swimming, @midnight, stand-up, etc. or reading. I like FROM because it is fun. It is a post-apocalyptic candy land. It is relevant and timeless. It doesn't pander. Excellent broad vocabulary. This touches some heady philosophy/physics. Then just as quickly plays together "bring potato chips and bevs! " From times it is real, and other times it claims what needs to be said in a way that is empowering (Re: Neddy) - I would almost dare to say it shares that with Calvin and Hobbes, but usually in a less self aware way, and sometimes just by being culturally aware. Even then, the characters are flawed, but not irredeemably so.

This is a great place to sit, watch, and just run with it., Initially when i first heard there were comics of the show, We wasn't initially sold on the idea, and got a 'cheap, shoddy cash tie up in' vibe.... But the suggestions were all so good We overcame my wariness and bought the first gathered volume.

I couldn't become more pleased with my purchase. The comic conveys the same wit and laughter as the show, and being in-canon, within the same continuity as the toon, makes it feel all the better, like it can not just some cheap side-project.

The " Adventure Period TP Vol 01" gathers the primary story from the very first four issues, creating what feels like a complete episode in this book. As my comprehension of it goes, the issues have a 'primary' story that runs alongside 'secondary' stories illustrated by impartial artists. The Trade Paperbacks accumulate only the primary story, but if you're like me and often wait for collected volumes like this, instead of purchasing individual issues as they come away, this is still well worth the price.

We heartily recommend this to anyone who's a fan of the show!, Entertaining and well drawn. The dialogue is priceless and the transition from the screen to the page is seamless. Fun and appropriate for all age range, but some of the jokes and underlying tones may look at the heads of some younger readers., Fans of the show will love this. Funny and full of action! Don't skip the quips and small comics at the end of the page; sometimes hard to read, but worthwhile. Reward cover gallery by the end, plus " From Script to Page. ", Great Utilized Book that looks & feels " New". This book is . 99 New.... this one was half the price of a New one. Our son loves it..... he's looking forward to #2., This was a fun story. The thing to consider is that it claims its 128 pages, nevertheless the actual story ends at page 85. The remaining 3rd of the book is a gallery of covers as well as a few pages referring to the story going from screenplay to finished page., Sure. Yes yes yes. Yesssss!!! It's Adventure Time, however in graphic novel form Should you do not eat this up then you probably weren't into the premise to start out with. It is about companionship, being goofy, and full of soul. It's colorful, uptempo, light-hearted, with a touch of amazing. Buy it now. Correct now.

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