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We will be blunt: I am generally not a major fan of Lencioni's format or overall state of mind about business. Thus 4 stars for me personally is a major deal. I actually think he got a lot of things right in this book, first of which is that he or she didn't tell a artificial, childish story that abuse the intelligence of you, and instead talks to us in plain terminology interspersed with concrete, actual examples. Finally.

What is the advantage? He describes it as a " healthy organization, " which consists, basically, of systems that enforce good management practices based in mindset and science, clear and decisive values and goal, and a well-oiled company machine for meetings and communication. This is—as he or she says—pretty simple stuff to understand, but it all must be done together to be effective, however any one part short-circuit every other. Correct.

What more he got right:
- The overall premise. With improvement of people management, and a few easy-to-understand, basic concepts done well, great improvement can be done.
- Almost all of the psychology of teams, individuals, and sex-related thereof. Particularly in noting Attribution bias.
- Framing of performance reviews as a process for improvement, not as a method for, well, anything else.
- The idea that no-one part, on its own, is the key to success—that you must look at the health of the whole organization.
- The clear outline of purpose, values, and alignment, and the no-nonsense discussion of the humanity thereof. Spot on.

Shaky ground (one superstar deducted for these purposes primarily).
- The whole discussion of Responsibility. I'll write a lttle bit about this, since it's a major misstep, even though few understand why. One becomes the impression that this is an old idea of his that he have not fully developed, and that even he, the learn of his own book, is uncomfortable with the assumption. He should trust his own instincts! Accountability is the wrong concept, and in the whole chapter he or she wavers to and fro between various definitions and examples that don't support what he is saying and frequently have nothing to do with the concept at all. Elaborate the proper way to look at responsibility? Forget the concept completely. Toss it in the trash. It's a useless concept grounded in ancient management practices of command-and-control, founded in the idea that punishment for sub-par work is the greatest way to motivate people. This is an idea that Lencioni himself disproves later on in the book, if he talks about performance management—the goal is always to improve, not to blame or punish, and Responsibility ruins the trust necessary to improve. It conflicts with the rest of his model, and it's out of place because of it. Excellent feeling the inconsistency will dawn on him soon, as it's clear from the rest of his model that he is very near to the whole deal.
- The—it's hard to describe—hubris, self-importance, the lack of humbleness shown in the whole model and his presentation from it. What he's landed on here is not all that new or original, as he implies it is. It's the same primary concept that Deming got on, and Ackoff, and Juran, and a few others. It contains elements of Lean management, of the Toyota way, of Peter Scholte's interpretation of Deming, and of many concepts from other systems thinkers and organizational modelers that have—albeit perhaps less accessibly—rounded out the same model that Lencioni has. He mentions none of them. He gives the impression that he's got on all of these concepts all by themself, which is either true (someone observing reality can reach the same conclusions), or demonstrates either ignorance (unlikely) intentional simplification (perhaps) or willful disregard for the fantastic management thinkers who came before him. No matter how you cut it, it's irritating.

As much as those minor flaws annoy me, this is, overall, a generally right-side-up view of organizations as well as how to work them, with a whole lot of positive ways of thinking that would help many a company are more effective and, as W. Edwards Deming said, to find " joy in work" that is the true indicator of any healthy company. Managers and leaders would do well to read this and take its principles to heart. It really is, overall, a good intro to a series of learnings in relation to a more educated organization.

Your following reads, (the Big Kids' Bikes, if you will):
The Leader's Handbook: Making Things Occur, Getting Things Done   (absolutely essential)
Group of Teams: New Guidelines of Engagement for a Complex World   (an alternative model, with much more insight and revolutionary thought)
The Toyota Way: 14 Management Rules from the World's Greatest Manufacturer   (how to really drive a " healthy organization" with a systems view)
Dr. Deming: The American who Taught the Japanese Regarding Quality   (a deep dive on Deming, who is the actual father of the " holistic organization" systemic health that Lencioni talks about)
Pondering in Systems: A Special primer   (how to think about organizational—and any other—systems, in concrete and useful terms)

This is the right way to proceed. Get started with Lencioni if you like his style, , nor stop there. Good luck., I think it was very helpful in laying out the context for vision and values work. I would give five stars other than I believe that should be for exceptional writing and breakthrough thinking but I actually think this is actually good and very pragmatic. I actually disagree with some of the definitions for words he uses but not all with the purpose and scope he is pushing organizations and individiuals to work on if they want their systems to be grounded not only in the moment but in the future they hope to live into, Lencioni will it, again. As an executive and team trainer, I plan to use his six questions with every team I coach. His writing style is simple to follow. His anecdotes are useful and the book is incredibly easy for anyone working or near to the top of an organization., Lots of great, actionable ideas. I will be speaking with my boss about how we could implement them in our department. Author describes basic, easy-to-do practices that many organizations just may do due not to understanding how they work and just how important they are., Lincioni some, gives insight with clarity and simplicity. Whilst these concepts aren’t simplistic they may be simple and simple. He reveals that if leaders are ready to the actual hard work of clarity and consistency they will have a distinct edge., Loved how Lencioni made a very compelling advantages of simple clarity as the first step toward great organizational culture - and how that healthy culture becomes THE strategic advantage.

Thought the mission statement stuff could have been much more concise and also thought a few of the top down strategy left some important communication available. There is a difference between a committee driven (and paralyzed) org and that of one where intentional being attentive to those on the front lines takes place.

It's easy enough to do a bottom up roadmap of the things front line teams would map as their top line recommended priorities for a quarter - I actually do it with my teams over two 2 hr sessions over the course of 2 days — so that different personality types have time and energy to process/reflect/think/add/modify., I though it was an outstanding well-written summary of key reasons why a healthy organization plays such an important role in the success of an organization. Even though I have been outdated for almost 24 years, I referred the book to an active management consultant who replied that he had already read the book and all of Patrick Lencioni's previous publications, one of his favorite authors. I had heard of the book from one of my grandsons, who had been given the book by his employer who had engaged Mister. Lencioni for a consulting engagement.

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