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Nice Book, Easy to read and updated! I recommend it! Arrived in perfect state. Rex Black and Jamie L Mitchell did a good combination in this guide!, Rex Black and Jamie Mitchell have drawn together all the information, along with many practical examples and exercises, which will permit any experienced software specialist to pass the ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Expert qualification test. As with Rex Black's other books for the Rex Dark-colored Consulting Services (RBCS) Sophisticated Test Manager and Sophisticated Test Analyst courses, the book's chapters follow the same organization as the ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Stage Syllabus. Advanced Software Testing Vol. 3 includes all the material presented in the RBCS ISTQB-ATTA course. If you take the on-line course, you'll notice the narration follows the book almost verbatim in many sections. If you're planning on taking either the on-line or instructor led course, this book will provide excellent preparation.

Although the book's main aim is to prepare the reader to pass the ISTQB-ATTA qualification exam, the purpose of qualification (and the book) is make smarter software testers. Advanced Software Testing Vol. 3 fulfills this purpose also. For those who have no experience in structure-based screening (like me), this guide provides control-flow and path screening with sufficient detail, good examples, and exercises to permit you to get started on providing a few techniques. The book also will a great job of showing the reader how to apply all techniques to test non-functional software quality characteristics. It addresses all the characteristics not covered in the Sophisticated Test Analyst book. Typically the section on performance screening will do a great job in presenting practical information, and pitfalls, with this difficult to test characteristic. And if you have ever considered using automation, you should definitely see the section on test tools. It distills many years of experience by both authors, and provides rational guidance on when and how to apply test automation tools; and when not to! Typically the sections on static and dynamic analysis also provide a lot of assistance along with examples of tools you can use to apply these techniques. As with any technical volume, many of the subjects are covered in much more detail in other books. Advanced Software Testing Vol. 3 also includes many helpful footnotes and an considerable reference section that will point the viewer to the works of other experts in the software-testing field to get more in depth information.

(Full discloser - I was one of the reviewers for this book), I enjoyed reading it but sadly after studying I did not pass the ISTQB exam.

Content wise the guide covers most of what exactly is requested for the exam. The couple of things are not covered such as Classification Trees. Maybe this exists at the Vol. one Some of the items are also spread all over the book. Generally the security chapter that reaches least in 2 sections.

The Modified Condition/Decision Coverage is not correct and does not follow the DO/178B.
Please see Nasa's tutorial available online "A Practical Tutorial on Modified Condition/
Decision Coverage" where it states that the min number of test situations are equal to the amount of atomic conditions + one
In the section covering MC/DC and in the exercises it is the mentioned that the number of test cases is equal to the number of atomic conditions!!

Some mistakes can be seen in some of the graphs namely completely wrong arrows in the state transition chapter!, Advanced Software Testing Vol 3 is another fine reference guide for my bookshelf, even though it's designed to have an explanatory narrative flow. What is specifically fascinating, and why it's useful for Test Analysts is its breadth. In the last year, 100% of the work that I actually have been approached for as a test consultant is for test automation using Test-Driven Development (TDD) or Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) techniques. This is fine, but the strategy only covers a little part of what may or should be considered in testing a system. Since these approaches fundamentally automate testing of useful requirements or use situations (no matter what they are called), there is a a wider constellation of risks that are not tested. An example of this type of test escape is the embarrassing example of the iPhone not managing a European time difference in 2010. This is so basic that any test analyst worth his or her salt might have analyzed for this.

A test analyst must be aware of, and must talk, risks. This book gives him/her a tool to identify risks in test coverage. Inside the TDD/BDD situation above, testing the design would fall under web pages 104 to 106 of the book (specification-based testing). This is certainly out of 533 web pages. The bulk of the other 530 pages are just as important to the achievements of the project and product. If testing is to be skipped, it should be skipped by first weighing the hazards. This book provides a reference for providing that analysis.

Disclaimer: I examined portions of the guide before printing., Did not purchase this item. Not necessarily our review, The guide is very useful for your ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Analyst Exam preparation. Very recommended.

Unfortunately, the e-book version doesn't work and contains a lot of failures. It's practically impossible to see the section four without having to reboot the kindle almost every page.

If you would like to get this book choose the printed format., This is a great text and reference for Software Test Experts. It truly is a great resource even for those who are not planning to sit for the ATTA Certification Exam.

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