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" Adults in the Room" masterfully oscillates between the thrilling and the lyrical, the very personal and the universal, giving us a unique glimpse behind the high walls of energy.

This book will be uncomfortable or even dangerous for many current politicians, from Europe's governments and EU institutions to the IMF and of course Greece's Syriza party. Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis (boy, does that title ever feel inadequate given the impact he had and has! ) never made a secret of the fact that he comes to politics as an outsider. He is not a member of any party, not even the one which put him or her in office (which they couldn't fail to do after he won more votes than any other MP). As such, he is not entangled with a internet of interests and he does not have qualms to explain to all that he found during his time on the 'inside' of international politics.

Behind closed doors, politicians like German Financing Minister Wolfgang Schä uble come to be not monsters but heroes of a traditional Greek tragedy. Varoufakis is not unkind or unsympathetic to him - which should come as a large surprise to anyone who purchased into the mainstream media reporting of the time, which often introduced the 2015 negotiations as a cock fight between Varoufakis and Schä uble. However the mainstream media were/are not uninvolved in the Greek crisis, they have a role to play, too, in a system that, like the Soviet Marriage in the late 1980s, will deny basic economical and political truths and pretend that all is well until the very second of its collapse.

Varoufakis came as a non-insider to save the system, flawed as it may be, knowing that a collapse would cause untold hardships for tens of millions of people. After having uncovered, over the course of the timeframe narrated in this book, that the reporters well know the truth, and know very well what has to be done, but are unable or unwilling to do it, the logical next step is to expose them, so that the light of transparency may bring about the change that working with these people could hardly. That is also one of the ideas of the movement he founded last year, DiEM25 (Democracy in Europe Movement 2025), which demands not simply a re-orientation of the EU to serve its people, but also complete visibility of all powerful illegitimate (formally non-existent) institutions like the Eurogroup.

I understood that Yanis Varoufakis could make even dull topics very interesting, as proven in the economics textbooks he authored great bank account of the history of a common currency (" And the Weak Suffer What These people Must" ). Given an interesting subject to start out with, one which influences everyone who is concerned about the continuing future of the European Union, his writing style becomes absolutely breathtaking. Strongly recommended!, First an admission: Yanis and I actually have been friends since we met 20 years ago, when I was doing my PhD at the College of New South Wales and he was a Senior Lecturer at the College of Sydney. This hasn't influence my review however: if I hadn't enjoyed the book, We would simply not have written one.

Having read it, I am confident that it will go down as one of the great political biographies of the 21st century. It is a work that individuals will turn to when they try to understand what in the world happened during our time: a riveting, convincing history of a critical act in the self-inflicted corrosion of European civilisation.

Most political biographies are an attempt to rescue a reputation that deserved to be sullied. This one confronts the many barbs that were thrown Yanis's way, but he doesn't refrain from throwing some barbs at himself either when, on reflection, he wished he had obtained an alternative course. That requires a courage and an honesty i came to expect from knowing Yanis, and he did not disappoint.

As the tragedy of Syriza unfolded in 2015, I had developed wished that Yanis would deploy the one Big Stick he had: the threat to default from Greece's unpayable loans from the IMF. On its own this was not significant, but since he explains in the book, it would in turn have triggered a chute of defaults that could have undone Mario Dragi's program of Quantitative Easing.

This individual did, once, have his finger on that induce, and decided not to pull it--to wait and leave the act to Tsipras. Looking back in this book, he now wishes he had done so. If he had, he could have forced the Troika to do business with Greece on a sensible program, rather than watch them impose one which will business lead to Greece becoming Europe's Somalia.

I like to think that I would have pulled that trigger. Yet I wasn't there in the hot seat: Yanis was, and he tells the tale impeccably well. This is a damage yarn as well as a priceless political historical past, with major actors--Dragi, Tsipras, Merkel and above all Schauble exposed by their own words.

They will not like to have their words and deeds documented this well, which is all the greater reason you should read it., " Adults in the Room" is actually a greater title than the one I use for this review, for its acerbic irony if for most reason. But the guide does show, with great clarity, that the Chief has indeed no clothes on.
This particular is a book every European, or any individual who cares about Europe, should read. It is part memoir, part expose, part impassioned plea for a democratic, humane, rational Western Union.
Iirrationality breeds irrationality. The " I know I'm incorrect but don't you dare say so" attitude, so forcefully portrayed and so minutely detailed in this book, is one of the reasons why bigger and larger amounts of Europeans vote against what they respect as a lying, spoiled, despotic establishment.
One other reviewer information that Mr. Varoufakis doesn't see Mr. Schä uble as a monster, but instead as a tragic personality. Be that as it may, the hubris shown by Mr. Schä uble, Mr. Dijsselbloem and others was nothing short of monstrous., Probably the most insightful and honest description of current history, authored by the main economical mind in our times. Varoufakis' comprehension of the politics, economical and personality characteristics of the EU task, since far before its official inception, offers the only clear comprehension of the forces that have brought all of us to such bleak selections, and the narrow path towards the faint beam of light that remains un-extinguished at the very finish of the darkish tunnel., Just started reading this, But so far, the honesty is a fresh change.

Don't expect the typical politician's revisionist memoir

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