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I truly appreciated this book. Right after sailing and then building my own boat I made the decision not to cruise. Prior to finishing my boat We helped deliver a large catamaran from the eastern Carribean to southern California. With this experience under my belt the thought of individual handing scared the he will out of me. Becoming at sea sometimes you feel like there is no place you would rather be and other times your fear can be so great you do not think you will notice another sunrise. Things can go wrong and multiply so quickly. I am sure that scouting, building experience, and a strong desire to live and not quit helped bring Steven Callahan through. I do not have that kind of skill or confidence in myself. I would recommend this guide to anyone individuals who think nothing will go wrong or that they are invincible.,... Aaron Ralston's In between a Rock and a Hard Place and Joe Simpson's Touching the Void.

I have devoured all the survival stories I possibly could find on Amazon. Shackleton, Mawson, Everest 1996, K2 2008, WWII escapes, the waleship Essex, Skeletons of the Zahara, Krakauer's things - you name it. These three books remain out from the sleep in this each author moves in-depth into the mindset of survival, in addition to the amazing facts of the amazing reports themselves. Ralston's realization that he'll never see his son. Callahan's " view of heaven from a seat in hell". Simpson's " brown girl in the ring"... The humanity of these young men - alone and on the brink - makes these narratives so special! Read this book and I highly recommend the other two as well., If you enjoy lifeboat tales then this true story is among the best. I finished it in three sittings. The author describes his desperate escape from his going boat and his long and painful journey in a life raft. Having noticed by a transferring freighter is not as likely as it seems!

He includes drawings and descriptions of the various repairs and adaptations that enabled him to make it through. I appreciate that the Kindle version included the drawings though these were a little hard to make out. He also explains how he navigated, as well as his physical condition which became very bad from starvation and the continuous experience of salt water. Glad to know that Steven Callahan proceeds to write about sailing, and that he was a consultant for the film version of Existence of Pi., This true story is one that holds the reader. After his boat sunk, Steven Callahan had no time to grab most of the supplies he had on board. The urgency was to get off and into the rubber life raft before he went down with the ship. The difficulty of surviving was intense with thirst and hunger often severe. His knowledge of boats and the ocean was very helpful to him. A typical person who didn't have this knowledge would not have survived, I don't think. He was almost constantly trying to make the 2 stills work which would convert ocean normal water to fresh water, bailing water out of the raft aiming to catch a fish or parrot to eat. The raft was bigger than what was considered needed for one person. However, he was crowded constantly. I cannot imagine how any longer people could have been in there. Definitely makes one think that all such life rafts must be bigger than the recommendation. I was fascinated with his struggles and doubt he could have lasted much longer. The drain on his body and his feelings was so very heavy, his dedication saved him. National Geographic counts this among the list of 100 best adventure books actually written and I completely agree., Adrift is about one man's solitary journey, both internal and exterior, on the perilous ledge between life and death. Steven Callahan is trying to cross the Ocean Ocean from the Canary Islands to Antigua, but before he departs, an seniors fisherman points to his vessel, the 21' long Napoleon Solo, and states, " An ideal a tiny vessel? Tonto! " Fool. The rest of the journey is fraught with danger, beginning with when the Napoleon Solo capsizes and sinks, forcing Callahan to abandon ship in a plastic lifeboat.

Anyone battling devils that belongs to them will find solace in Callahan's struggle to survive, which is a metaphor for all mens' struggles to survive an often hostile world with often insurmountable odds.

" We imagine two stone-faced online poker players throwing chips into a pile. One player is named Rescue and the other is Loss of life. The stakes keep getting bigger and bigger. The pile of chips now stands as tall as a man and since big around as a raft. Somebody is going to win soon. "

The ocean, the sharks, the weather, and hunger are all metaphors for the demons we all struggle on a daily schedule: joblessness, despair, jealousy, hate, vengeance. Yet, depite the terrible privations he activities on the sea, Callahan also activities occasions of profound solace:

" When i look out of the raft, I see The lord's face in the clean waves, His grace in the dorado's swim, feel His breath against my cheek as it sweeps down from the sky. I see that all creation is made in His image. "

A new truly impressive tale of survival against the probabilities, " Adrift" is a a great gift for anyone experiencing a turmoil. It will remind him or her that "... to be well fed, painless, and in the company of friends and loved ones are privileges not enough enjoy in this often brutal world. " Well done Callahan!, A new great read, esp for the person who believes in the sacred aspects of all life nowadays. I only hope mcdougal doesn't let his opinions completely die over time., I had formed a hard time putting it down and stayed up late to finish it. At times it was a little too detailed and, credited to the nature of the story, repetitive. Nevertheless that's what happens when you're on a little raft for 76 days.

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