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Never ever would I have considered which a short self-help guide would be the main guide I use ever read or it would change my life. I immediately discovered with the functions Soll records that many adoptees have -- feelings of abandonment, fear of meeting new comers, the need to be " perfect. " I actually finally felt validated in the feelings I use experienced for decades without explanation. It was like a giant lamp went off. The book is an easy read but its message may be a difficult one to swallow, which is why I had his guide on my shelf for a long time before I finally cracked it open.

For many adoptees, I imagine this book will be an " aha" moment, as I had when reading the description of how many adoptees behave. It was like looking in the reflection. But, he then provides helpful ways to start out the way to healing through interior child work and statements and affirmations. For more information on this work, I suggest reading more about inner child work and watching his YouTube videos.

Let me say that this book is not designed to make adoptees feel like victims or to make excuses for his or her actions, not is it simply for adoptees who have a bad relationship with their adoptive parents. Although Soll has strong views on adoption, which I may always agree with, there are so many facts in this book that it's impossible not to get so many benefits from it. To the people who say this needlessly opens a can of viruses that adoptees should " get over it, " or that it perpetuates a victim mentality, when I first read Soll's discussion about living an " traditional life, " I experienced no clue what he was talking about. After all, I actually had been living a very happy, successful life and have a great relationship with my adoptive parents and family. This book hasn't changed those positive aspects. But my whole life, there has recently been a nagging feeling that something was holding me back. I never could put my finger on it, but when I actually check out this book, it became so superior why I actually do what I do. Now I realize why We are the way I actually am. Naysayers say that this book just creates sufferers out of happy, normal people. Let me say that We are not a victim. I realize most of us have our own child years problems. But the variation with adoption is that nobody acknowledges the inborn pain that we have got that causes us to have behavior that is not healthy. This guide validates our loss and teaches us how to overcome it to live on more productive lives and have much healthier relationships with those we encounter. My loved ones have noticed a designated difference in my attitude for the better since I actually check out this book and put its ideas to practice. Thank you to May well Soll for this life-transforming book., This is an amazing book authored by a reunited adoptee to know both the struggle of the adoptee and the natural parent. Joe lays out a program to help heal from the unhappiness and pain of ownership. You will find a world of information for each part of the ownership triad, as well as any person connected, or not attached to ownership in any way. That is a must-read for almost any adoptee or natural parent who is in the process of searching for their other. Joe helps you to prepare for reunion and all the thoughts that come with it. We are very grateful to have found this book, and Joe Soll who personally helps visitors to heal, and then get ready for a possible reunion. My life has been change, profoundly, for the best. Thanks Joe for discussing your wealth of information, and for the endless amount of time you devote to the rest of us who need to recover the way you have. Joe is a perfect example of " pay it forward". He has recovered himself, and now dedicates his life to assisting those of us who wish to finally address the long-hidden issues of adoption. I can't say enough about this guide, and it's author. Give thanks to you seems so inadequate!, Good book. Helped me a lot and provided great ideas and idea into the reasons, ways, actions, and actions to how loved ones and adopted people start life. I give this guide 4 starts because of its redundancy. May be ignored, but frustrating when reading in one sitting. Other than that, good book., An incredible guide, every line is significant to me, as an adoptee who was never been allowed to acknowledge the tremendous issues we face. First book I experienced on the subject and has become an invaluable resource. Really capable to link my feelings in a way I actually never have before. Truly enjoying this book., Insightful, helpful, and powerful! This book gets into the brain and heart of the adoptee. I highly recommend this book for personal use as well as appropriately for everyone touched by ownership., Adoption Healing gives explanations and practical exercises to help one work through personal adoption history. The particular book speaks to the adoptee, the birth parent, and the adoptive parent. This is the first book on adoption I use read since beginning the search for my birth family. My adoptive parents have passed away, but I'm convinced that it's never too late to recapture the lost areas of one's life and personal identity. This book was very useful! The book is not written from a Christian perspective, but I actually think it's necessary to include Father God in the visualizations the book suggests; He's the one to know the truth that will set us free. Our prayer for you is that you received many healing insights.

- Evaluation by Sally, an adoptee, This a very important book for everyone who is wants to understand the truth about the trauma of ownership. There's very little substance out there in the world that covers the depth of the stress in the adoption triangular (1st mom, 2nd mom, adoptee) with such quality, compassion and helpful ideas. This is a must read for anyone seriously interested in helping themselves. Very helpful., My husband learned, at the age of 60, that he was adopted as an infant. I purchased this book for both of us to read, to help us understand the thoughts and thoughts of everyone involved. Reading the book helped my husband to understand the thoughts and thoughts he has had since he was young; thoughts of not fitting into the family, not measuring-up, not feeling accepted. God is causing healing for us all.

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