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There are a lot of ebooks and hardcover textbooks out there about Lightroom. This is the best!! Period. There are many reasons why and let me explain why it is, at least to me.

I'm semi-retired and, though always considering photography, I desired to go further now that I have more time therefore i checked away Lightroom (LR). I use only been using LR now for about 3 years now, having started with 4. I watched a lot of videos and read a lot of free stuff about this to start and that did help a lot. But I wanted to go further as my photography was proceeding further so I bought one of the popular books for LR 5. It was great and also contributed to getting a lttle bit better with LR though We wasn't exactly crazy about the writing style of that one.

A while later, and mostly away of curiosity, I also decided to get Tony's LR book, the precursor to this one, and WOW, what a distinction! This kind of unique approach and delivery. The written parts about everything are clear, concise and you know how to use that part of LR when you've finished each segment. Tony's speaking/writing style is conversational and, with the video parts, you just feel like you are seated in the room with him while he clarifies things with hands on examples. I really like the way the hyperlink to the video is right in the related segment and clicking on it requires you right to that section in the overall video. Therefore , you can read a section or perhaps click on the link and watch the video about this. We like to do both. Within the ebook there is enough text to evidently explain the function Tony is teaching but also the examples are well done. The " before and after" pics not only show the changes in a image but also the position of the sliders that made the difference. Well done.

Thus, LR 6 comes away. I didn't hesitate but pre-orderd the updated e-book from Tony and I'm not disappointed. Why? With regard to 2 main reasons. Certain, it covered everything the previous book did but it also evidently notes and teaches the alterations in LR6 so you don't kind of have to start over to find them.

The second reason deserves its paragraph. Price. The original publication (with those great, associated videos that double cover each point of learning LR) is reasonably priced, especially in comparison with a couple of the more popular LR books. Then, as if that wasn't enough, the demand to update to the LR6 book was extremely reasonable again, when compared with others. I just received an email that the LR6 version of another LR5 publication I have was ready. When i came across the price for owners of the LR5 book my first thought was " Really? That much to update? "

Summary. This book is well-written, covers LR very well in a knowledgeable but conversational style, IN ADDITION TO has the linked videos. Will I get the update to that other publication? Why? I use Tony's publication. If Amazon let you use an occasional " Super rating" on maybe a 10 star scale, this guide gets a 10 on quality, content, features, and value.

Now stop reading reviews, buy the publication, go out and take, then come back and let this book make you better at post processing those shots., Tony Northrup is a great teacher. He teaches with a happy, charismatic and light-hearted manner and yet DOES NOT REALLY stray from the subject make a difference. This book and video clip series is GREAT since I could end, pause, put to use what We have learned and go again to the video - all at MY PERSONAL PACE! This book and video set will NOT REALLY make you a great editor. But - it WILL show you what the many features in Lightroom are for and how to use them! We fervently wish I had purchased this guide a yr ago, when I first subscribed to Lightroom. That is also nice to possess fast replies from their support team, through email. I got quick answeres both times I wrote. This specific is a must buy set for all people starting out with Flagstone Lightroom. I will also be purchasing really Tony and Chelsea's books and video courses., Much like Tony's other books, this is easy-to-read, has links to invaluable video tutorials, and grants access to a great Facebook community to seek feedback from. The particular book has a set of quickstart chapters so that you can jump directly into Lightroom and be effective. It also has some more in-depth chapters that provide details on more advanced techniques for editing digital photography.

I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn Lightroom. There's no better bang for your dollar., I initially found it very distracting to have two formats - video clip and traditional book. Nevertheless, I've learned when and how to use both to my advantage and I don't believe I'd like it any other way!

The " what's new" chapter in the beginning is longish. I wish I hadn't started with it because, not knowing LR, I found it to be an inadequate primer - which it isn't intended to be! So that isn't a fair criticism, but I would advise new users to ignore it.

Overall, Tony has done a great job here., If your afraid to dabble in lightroom... don't be! We read this book.... jumped into lightroom and read the book again while practicing within the program. Absolutely great publication. Gave me enough knowledge to confidently run a considerable workflow. Lots of tips and tricks. Chelsea and Tony know how to write in manners that is easily understood and applied. I keep the publication right next to my computer should I need to reference a secret or process. Was the best lightroom book We have purchased and read.
*** Northrups Stunning Digital Photography publication compliments this very well! Make sure you buy them both and keep close up at hand. With these two textbooks, confidence and camera time, you'll be up and running and producing stunning images, confidently!, This product is really really, really not something you would not want to do without if you would like to learn Lightroom. the video / text way of instruction is awesome. Tony has a great procedure and truly cares for the people who purchase his books, when is the last time an author actually contacted you on facebook to answer a question? Tony has many times. I own three of his books, and would recommend them hands down., Tony (with Chelsea and his team) produced an outstanding reference work with an understanding of exactly where I am and what I need to know right now. My previous experience was just Photoshop and one or two other obscurities. The explanations in Tony's work are comprehensive yet easy to understand and absorb. I was surprised at how easy it was to have an alternative view and recall details. I could get to information immediately without getting bogged down. Furthermore, the book is supported by superb videos and material for consultation. This specific is far better than any other books I have read on this issue. What impressed most was Tony's supportive availability to improve if needed, augment and suggest. Well done indeed.

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