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REALLY poorly written, grammar is poor, in complete sentences are often used. Reads such as a poor translation from a language other than English., The Author's choice of words was uncomfortable sometimes difficult to understand. However, the information was still worth the read., Most of the text message appears to have been shoddily translated from French. For example, " casein intolerance" (which in French would be " intolé rance à la casé ├»ne" ) becomes, in the text, " casein bigotry" (uh? ). Therefore I must often back-translate what is said into French to figure away what the author meant.

In the Audible version the narrator does not help the book much: he often talks about HDHD as opposed to ADHD, and the whole section on yoga is read as " medication"... right at the start of the chapter that describes non-medication options! He has no sense of rhythm and reads every sentence in one of three repetitive patterns, which makes it hard to focus on what he states (which, in a book devoted to a group with ATTENTION DEFICIT-HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER, is a fatal flaw).

In general, the guide has the feel of something cobbled together and rushed., I am definitely for the sub-title because first I feel that ADHD is heavily over diagnosed in this country and drugs are handed away to kids like chocolate and the drugs they give these kids are addictive and in some cases cause more harm than they do good, yet our community is drug crazy and just because a medication is legal does not make it good or beneficial. Now that I have got that off my chest. The author has presented is case very logical and covers many aspects of ADHD, his basic premise is that they really do not really know what causes it though they have solid ideas, and the drugs sometimes work and sometimes they cannot. The author presents the alternative treatment mostly diet orientated but no proven remedies. some work for some individuals but not others. Yet diet and diet should be the better way to treat it., Don't have read the book but the premise is SO uninformed and uninformed I would not bother. There is practically nothing wrong with using drugs to help with a condition that has to do with how your brain is wired, if the drugs work for you (they work for me). They are safe without known long-term side effects. The long-term side effects of hooey like you just need to change your diet and INCLUDE isn't a real condition are vastly more subtle. If you have a headache, can you not take aspirin? This book came along in a search where I was looking for nutritional and nutritional recommendations to HELP with ADD, but when someone discusses it like it's just diet and drugs are bad -- well the guy doesn't really know what he's referring to and shouldn't spread his ill informed, destructive idiocy., Strange book. I have the music version and I can't help but wonder if it was translated. The narrator maintains saying HDHD among many other things that avoid make sense. It also has a 50s kinda sound with it. Weird but probably some really good info. " Despite the fact it offers known not less side effects than Ritalin... " Just one example as I listen right now. Maybe it was written by Yoda?, It is a bad choice of a guide. No scientific background, lots of false information regarding nutrition., Helpful information but syntax and reversed connotations and mangled sentence construction detracted and befuddled an otherwise good read.

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