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Another wonderful gift idea from Mack!!!: ): ): ) This guide will make clear your brain to you.... she is a teacher, thinker, wife, mom and REAL person. I actually found Lisa in January of 2016.... exactly what a true blessing... make sure you also go read (or listen to on Audible) her book the Mindset of Organization and listen to ALL of her podcasts at Organize365. com. Check out read this book.... it has so much practical information and backlinks to even more!, How exactly does someone without ADHD set a book that is completely relatable to those who have it? She offers clear explanations, real-world illustrations, and a solution or resource on just about every page. When an organized person wants to help disorganized people, we need to get fluent in their language. And there are 1000 dialects of the language of the disorganized. The language of the person with ADHD who struggles with executive function and business are on every web page of this book.

Mack Woodruff makes it very clear that she will not have ADHD, but has been surrounded by it throughout her life and careers in service to others, and finding ways to help those with ADHD move forward. This immersion, and supporting understand challenges and collaborate to develop solutions has directed to this easy to read, easy to use book. Lisa offers clearness, support and guidance to help her readers take a step back, consider what progress would look like, and take action to tackle the areas in their house which may have remaining them feeling defeated.

Oh yea, and add real secret: Even if you have no ADHD but struggle with organization, you’ll learn lots reading this book!

Because a professional organizer, I actually plan on sharing this with my ADHD clients, so that they may have access to the understanding, ideas and resources this book brings.

Kathy Vines, Certified Professional Organizer®, Clever Girl Managing, has some great ideas!, Get this book! The woman podcast is great too! Lisa knows her products! It’s like having my best friend helping me... thanks Lisa! I plan on getting the other textbooks too!!, Many organizational programs are laid out so detailed which i get lost in the steps. We would start going all out and then finish upward in even more damage than before I started out the program. Lisa's guide " How ADHD affects Home Organization" and her podcasts on the same topic allowed me to understand what the problems of ADHD and organizing are, where I might be having difficulties, why I struggle and offered me ideas to how to overcome those challenges. Home organization carries over into all areas of your life. Having a peaceful organized home is a springboard into organizing other areas in our lives with greater clarity of objective. Visual clutter is so distracting and stifling. Turning into more organizied means the freedom to spend more time with the people I love, doing the things that I love. Lisa teaches us that organization doesn't happen immediately and it's not about perfection. The book helped me understand where I actually struggle so I can get better everyday without the excuse of " it's not perfect I actually should give me up". Organization takes time, and there are organizational tools like Lisa's " Sunday Basket", organizational systems, like the the system laid out in " The particular Mind Group of Organization" or whatever organizational system you personally choose. The details of executive functioning and ADHD impact organizing, they are not imaginary: this book can help with options for you or if you are helping your child with ADHD become organized. The book is a quick read with steps you can get started right away., As someone who starts books and then moves on to another without finishing the first (even good ones), I read How ADHD Affects Residence Organization in about ninety minutes. I have PUT and have struggled with organization and time management my whole life. I actually have acquired all the pretty containers and then abandoned them much like Mack described. She supplies a great deal of great solutions that train your brain to take the first step. I feel like this time I might finally get it!, The particular book was quick and easy to read and gave me insight on why I have such organizing difficulties. The author also offers tips and strategies to work with your ADHD. The tips make sense and I have just started trying to put into action some of them., This guide reaches far beyond just helping people with ADHD. None of us have a perfect A+ ratings in all these executive functions, otherwise there is no clutter, procrastinatiion or unreached goals. The author does a great job of breaking down the way you think. She clarifies it in a clear and simple way. The lady gives great strategies in how to get over a number of the " bumps in the road" that keep us all from our goals. The woman writing style is light and friendly. It was a enjoyable read and is divided to make it a great research resource. I can't think of anything negative to say about this book except... it had an end! Thought I might like it, but absolutely cherished it! Don't let title fool you, this guide is for everyone!

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