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Fiona Davis’s new novel focuses on The Dakota in Brand new York City. The title is cleverly drawn from an assessment the building following the opening in 1885 in which the reviewer explained that “the Dakota will undoubtedly be known as ‘The Address’ of Brand new York’s West Side. ” Davis melds historical activities with a spectacular tale of greed, passion, love and sacrifice told in a dual timeline format alternating between the mid-1880’s and 1985. While I enjoyed both stories, I preferred Bailey’s in 1985 because We found poor Sara’s tale so sad. The ending of Typically the Address was spectacular because Davis cleverly connects the two tales and includes a surprise I never noticed coming. It was perfect.

My favorite part of the book was the inclusion of so much historical detail regarding The Dakota. It is fascinating to me that the surfaces are stuffed with thick horsehair and the area between each floor includes three feet of dirt. Davis explains why each apartment is shaped in different ways, and the complex work it took to accomplish that feat. She also mentions the ghosts that reside there, and the numerous famous people that lived there over Typically the Dakota’s life. She includes so many more fantastic stories and descriptions, but I do not have enough time nor area to include them all. Her Author’s Note at the end was delightful as she explained the events she altered somewhat for the sake of her story. I always appreciate when an author requires the time to elaborate about his or her ideas and to clarify purposeful historical inaccuracies.

The Address is a superb read. We look forward to my next visit to New York City when I plan to walk by Typically the Dakota and pay attention in person to the many details I figured out while looking over this wonderful book., Fiona Davis’ novel THE PARTICULAR ADDRESS tells a fascinating story about life in Manhattan’s historic Dakota building. Set in the overdue 1800s and in the 1980s, two tales informed back and forth, about the tangled web created by Theo Camden, one of the fictional architects of the building, and just how the unfortunate circumstances of his involvement with the building in what was then the new frontier of the Upper West Part. Mr. Camden lured Miss Sara Smthye from the woman job at the London’s exclusive Langham Hotel to a new position at the soon-to-open one-of-a-kind apartment building and she required the opportunity on what would be an adventure that was much more than she bargained for. Flash forward to the eighties and we read about the descendants of Mr. Camden, one legitimate and one not, who are in their own fine clutter. Bailey, just out of rehabilitation is trying to turn her life around and her ‘cousin, ’ Melinda, who could use a stint of her very own, or at the very least a lesson in kindness, instead she actually is making a design mess of the gorgeous apartment she passed down at the Dakota where her long lost grandpa once resided.

There are so many juicy figures in the storyline and both eras are packed with life. Davis is a magnificent storyteller and adds much richness to both setting, intrigue, and character development. Settle in for the lively history of a bygone era and get lost in the halls and walls of the iconic building while visualizing how the residents who once called it home lived., Very good book! It was one I couldn’t put down! I love the flipping back and on between the women one hundred years apart. I never became confused in the story line, as happens sometimes when authors do this type writing. I kept me hooked trying to figure out how the women would be linked. The ending held a surprise I never considered and was wrapped up in a way that left me fulfilled. I’m thinking about reading The Dollhouse now by the same creator., It is so funny to see other visitors write that this book was descriptive. I found that it had a veritable dearth of description. We couldn't picture what figures looked like, what their clothing was like, or how scenery, apartments and buildings appeared, because there were just cursory explanations given of these essential elements.
The tale itself is preposterous. That contains a series of random encounters and coincidences that will never happen in real life, not even in the 19th century. Important characters such as Theo and Daisy have quick personality changes that switch on a dime. These types of changes make no sense in light of what the characters were like before.
Sarah, the main character, comes across as either incredibly ill-fated or incredibly stupid. We am sorry that We wasted my time and money on this amateurish effort., Well researched and well written intelligent thriller established in both 19th and 20th century New York where the intertwined tales develop at a alluring pace with plenty of vivid description and local color., I enjoyed reading this book. I liked the characters, and story. I check out this in only 3 days, a few hours at a time. So the a fast read, and a good story. I recommend this to the reader., We enjoyed this guide. The reader is offered a tale with two timelines that do connect. A very nice read., I loved the plot and the characters. An interesting tale about a fascinating place and time.

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