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I possess stayed up late several nights in a line reading this book and do not regret it. I have been working on arranging a new original song for a while now and this guide has given me a lot of great ideas that I can't hold out to go by. It has also given me insight into why my favorite tracks are so catchy. Quite much all of my favorite songs are applying the principles in this guide. Just so you know, even though there is a decent amount of pop song recommendations, a lot of the rock, alternative, and metallic songs have aspects of the formula. Some of the ideas are intuitive to myself, but I still think there is some value in consciously acknowledging the ideas and metaphorically adding them to your "toolbox" so that you can remember these techniques after you've read the book. Definitely worth 10 dollars if my songs turn out even slightly better than they would have had I not read this book! The motorisation ideas alone are well worth 10 bucks... I just have figure out how to do some of the stuff in my DAW., I obtained the book recently and it also really makes a lot of sense. Each song you likes makes use of it. After reading the book I listened to a couple of tracks of some town artists which i tought were boring and now I found out why, I am so glad I found this book, dont let the fact that this dude might be your age stop you from buying the book. Do yourself a favor, dont be cheap. If you care about you band, buy it!!, Meh. This might be one of the few publications I've ever purchased where I don't finish it--even to try to get my money's well worth.

Which should teach me for not doing more research on the author and the reviews.

Much more way too many assumptions, leaves out way too many details, and basically seems to say, " I listened to a lot of hit songs and identified how they became hits, of course, if you listen to these songs and do what they do, likely to write hit songs too. "

The book will not deliver. I'll take a Robin Frederick or Jason Blume book read again over this one any day., Lots of great info here in a highly set out, easy to follow package., Great Book really helping me already in my songwriting do yourself a favor as a songwriter and buy this one!
Furthermore author is very helpful and gave a quick response to e-mail I delivered him., If you are enthusiastic about writing and crafting songs - which you can stand behind - choose no other. This is a book for songwriting in the 21st century. Things come together, you will have many 'aha! ' lightbulb moments, whether 'so *that's* what I did right! ' or 'so *that's* the things i was doing wrong this whole time! ' It is really an instructional course, and Findeisen is an outstanding guide. He regularly makes and uploads videos on songwriting, I'm in the middle of a 40 minute meeting he does with a Scandinavian songwriter right now. The author was even kind enough to accept my friend request on interpersonal media, and my confidence in my own audio is getting ever nearer to where I want it to be. Get it, you won't be let down. -Tom L, In case you have invested any time at all dissecting and analyzing the composition of hit tracks, you have probably intuitively noticed the big idea of this book, that a great song progresses with different energy levels. With regard to me, That i knew of this in the back of my mind, but Findeisen becomes these abstract concepts into concrete, actionable items that you can incorporate into any song jots down. I especially love that for every concept in the guide, he includes multiple examples from modern hit tracks., Not just a bad book on songwriting. Not exactly innovative even though the creator claims there is no other book like it available.

The biggest focus of the book is energy. How to create energy in a song and how to control the energy level in a song. Probably the best thing about the guide are the hit track examples. Which brings myself to my last and most important point...

If you want to learn how to write hit songs, then STUDY hit songs. Significantly... Go to Billboard. com create a set of all the Top 10 songs from the past 5-10 years. Then commence to dissect those songs on your checklist. De-construct the melodies, blend progressions, bass, drum, acoustic guitar and keyboard parts, thread arrangements, horn parts, etc. Tune in to song form, production ideas, special results, sound design, etc. Is usually this hard work? Yes. Is this time eating? Very much so. But... by learning these things by EAR you will INTERNALIZE everything that is happening during these hit songs and it will commence to ORGANICALLY show up in your writing and producing skills.

There are no short-cuts in life. Song-writing is no different. What's the old saying, 'If it sounds to good to be true it probably is. ' Right after having read many publications on songwriting through the years I can honestly say that books are not the way to go. Don't waste time on reading books on songwriting. Just START WRITING TODAY. And if you want to write commercial hit songs then LISTEN to commercial struck songs. All the Email address details are contained in recorded audio. You have EARS... use 'em!

Just don't get your hopes up too high. It's been said often, but I'll say it again... you have a much better chance of getting struck by lightning or successful the lottery than writing a hit song. Even if you do your home work for years it's still a significant long-shot. You've recently been warned.

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