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This book links geography, demography, and capital formation as a way to make predictions about the next 15 years. It starts with the assumption that The usa will get started to take back from its prominent role on earth to a more selective foreign plan as well as a more limited role in international finance. At the same time, demography will play an important role in the negative behavior of countries such as Russian federation, China, and Japan. All three countries will become internally unstable as the financial pressures from a dominant elderly population challenge their economies. These are generally among many other insights that lie behind the predictions made in this publication. It is a interesting analysis of potential world events as it identifies the forces that drive history. It is well worth consideration for those considering future world extramarital relationships., An overview of overviews, yet written with energy and a flair for non-conformity. Using geography and markets as an inductive tool was compelling. We enjoyed his use of three phases of human being development as having originated in some significant part credited to geography, even though these ideas were more usual.

Revolving the globe against the normal axis perspective aided in seeing the world differently. A lot of the data (trade balances, populations, physical info) reported are compilations I presume his reality checkers can back - so I took them at face value. Using the three history changes, together with Bretton Woods and population growth as factors that shaped his narrative swept me along. He or she is clear this is his analysis and his predictions are extrapolations of the analysis.

A fifth star has been added, had the author contended with information growth/access/ubiquity as a potential fourth game changer. Inside a world where industrial skills are universal, even if not evenly allocated, and innovation is duplicated or stolen at breath-taking pace, it would seem to be this would impact some of the analysis. We would also challenge his over-simplificatioin of climate change - the idea that its influences will be evenly applied is a pretty large, untestable supposition.

If you want a global view of the world as it is and the near-term prediction of how the To the north American continent - particularly the USA - enjoys an unmatched geography advantage, this book will do it for you., This book is amazing in the width and detail the writer brings to the explanation of the condition of many countries of the world, perhaps because he or she has been a major figure in the private intelligence service Stratfor.

His approach to the evaluation of the country's fortunes is keyed to their geography and their demography. His view is that the U. H. is favorably positioned to weather hard times that will affect many major countries of the world due to the fact that their labor and birth rates commenced to fall around 1965 all at the same time. This specific causes an inability of nations to support their seniors for lack of taxpayers of working age group. This will likely affect China significantly and western Europe only slightly less so.

Generous immigration, legal and illegal, will benefit the Oughout. S. greatly.

Anyone considering world security in the coming decades will find the book enlightening and even shocking. Highly recommended., A watch opening book that strongly reminds us how location, demographics, and trade can and do condition policy choices of governments. The writers speaks not only to the powerful but also to those may wish to affect geopolitical decision-making from less exalted positions.
If only he experienced been less facile and more circumspect about his predictions and his understanding. Also i wish that he or she had dealt more with technical matters such as communications and education, two key factors
In the unfolding of our near future., Place a fresh perspective on my appreciation of how geology, location and resources can influence how a country develops. Finally explained why South america and Central America are having so much trouble establishing. Was amazed at the prediction of Canada busting up- even though it seems logical. I believe that many of the points made by Mr. Zeihan are legitimate. However , (yes there is one), do not believe that the human component is adequately worked in to the formula. I do heed his warning about drug gangs being the USA's finest risk and why we must do something positive about the immigrant population to preclude this risk. We like his idea- depending on elections I seem to be to be in the minority.
Believe this book was a valuable primer on geopolitical thinking. So much so that sent a duplicate to my daughter's fiancé as something to read and in understand as a Marine officer. (I was Navy officer and wish had read something like this), This is a very absorbing publication that paints a very clear picture of what we can expect worldwide later on. It goes into areas I had never considered before, why some countries can stand alone, that are prone, projected future world standing of nearly all nations and regions, and the enornous influence of recent systems such as minicomputers, fracking and drones.

There exists a lot, repeat, lot of information in this book. It was more that I could absorb at the first reading. I consider letting this digest to my way of thinking a while then read it again and keep it useful as an interesting reference. I acquired it as a Kindle publication but am also buying a hardcover version to better see the numerous and quite informative charts.

I recommend this book to all who are worried about what direcctions the world is moving. an excellent, informative book.

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