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Well, what do you know!
Accidental Dad is quite the mysterious, fast-moving, intricately detailed Halloween based read!

I have to admit; I was taken back by simply the suspenseful eerily darker tone throughout, coupled with the frustrating one evening stand turned into romance. I. LOVED. EVERY. Dramatic second of it!

Watching Bitsy and Roman fumble their way to knowing a single another while saving the particular Galloway Farm, was reward all in itself- the emotional state went through hot to cold inside a matter of several maddening paragraphs- I knew I was hooked!
I would like more.
This whirlwind of ridiculous, humorous, small town folks I might want to terrify the crap out of, outside the box romance was a unputdownable read!
I refused in order to sleep until I completed! It was worth a couple of hours much less of beauty sleep!
If you enjoy a great mystery with some suspense, dark twists, and a sweet heat flying sparks romance than I highly advise this book!
R. R. Banking institutions has created something creative and IMO worth reading!, OMG!!! This is the particular first book that I have read of Ur. R. Banks and it most definitely will not really be my last! I was completely amazed by simply Accidental Daddy. I thought this particular book was filled with fairly sweet moments, family drama, humorous (actually hysterical in parts), some mystery thrown inside and several hot steamy parts, but all in almost all was an all around outstanding story. The Roman as well as Beatrice's chemistry had been electric.. you could simply have the pull. The assisting characters help to make the story more hysterical and mysterious. A magic formula baby and a second chance romance... who may resist. I voluntarily examined an advanced reader copy of this book., Beatrice will always remember her roommate’s Halloween party where a sexy, masked stranger emerged up to her in addition to said, “Trick or take care of. ” She got a treat of chocolate, then the trick that rocked her world, and another unexpected treat nine months later. With nothing but a note asking to meet again next year at the same place and memories which have haunted him for the particular past twelve months, Roman seems for her a year later at his cousin’s Halloween party, but Beatrice is nowhere to be found. Armed with only her brand and the town exactly where she lives, Roman goes to Beatrice’s hometown to obtain the woman who’s had a grip on his coronary heart since the night he or she met her. When he arrives in the small city, he’s in for a few surprises. She now goes by her years as a child name of Bitsy, in addition to she’s trying desperately in order to help her grandfather help save their family’s pumpkin farm. And Bitsy is a mother to a stunning little girl who seems just like Roman.

This book has so many excellent elements. Of course the particular hunky rich guy, yet Roman isn’t really the particular typical hero. He deviated from his father’s program and amassed his souple through hard work. His relationship with his various members of the family was interesting in addition to authentic, and in spite of his father’s remedy, the concept of along with the rest of their relatives remain something he or she values. Bitsy is even more invested in family members, although her grandfather is usually her only living relative, other than her girl. She’s faced with some huge challenges, returning expecting and unmarried to her small hometown and battling to save the farm that has been inside her family for generations, but the history and history are just as crucial to her as the property. Then there’s the wonderful, entertaining small town, with colorful, quirky, sometimes frustrating and self-righteous characters that certainly spice things upwards. Benson, Bitsy’s grandfather, is usually a wonderful character, in addition to watching Roman try in order to win him over had been really a kick. In addition to don’t forget the Halloween style, making this perfect book with regard to autumn reading.

Mr. Banking institutions is quickly moving upwards on my set of preferred and must read creators, and the advance copy I read of this particular book is a huge part of that happening. This is hands down the particular best work I’ve read from this author but! He sucked me inside from the first web page and took me on a fantastic Halloween-themed journey, complete with pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, scary mystery and ghosts. Add to that a sexy, billionaire alpha, a sweet, young, strong in addition to determined heroine, an lovable baby and a slow burning up, steamy romance and you’ve got one unique, stimulating, phenomenal read! It’s fairly sweet, quirky, heartfelt, sexy in addition to satisfying all rolled with each other in one terrific publication that you won’t would like to miss!!, I obtained an ARC in exchange for an honest evaluation and the very second it became available I acquired up, too, because it is very worth acquiring! R. R. Banks offers astounded and delighted myself with this latest publication, and, as usual, I am amazed by their unparalleled focus on detail. He definitely proves his versatility and flexibility as an author with this non-stop, multi-layered story in which he masterfully weaves drama, mystery, dazzling hot biochemistry, Plus the sweetest romance with each other seamlessly.

This story had been exceptionally exciting and filled with so much heart, so very much life! I was immediately pulled in and promptly fell in love with the particular marvelous and memorable character types, the humour that had been infused throughout, the good and combustible sex moments, and the overall plot. I found that I started pacing myself since I just would not would like this thrilling and addicting adventure to end!

Beatrice/Bea/Bitsy, the female protagonist, had been a young woman on the cusp of total adulthood. She was on the slightly reserved part due to her upbringing inside a veritable southern town, but she had jizz, grit, loyalty, and guts. She also had determination inside spades and I admired her character, which only grew tougher as the particular story progressed. A Halloween party party changed her life forever when she met Roman, had a unidentified encounter, and consequently grew to become pregnant, which in part prompted her to go back to her hometown.

Roman, our tall, dark, in addition to handsome male lead, was a pure joy to read about even as we got in order to watch him evolve through a playboy to a dedicated and focused man intent on claiming Beatrice plus the baby he didnt know they had because his family. He had been really successfull and somewhat set in his ways/life, so it was fun and heartwarming to watch him unbend and dilemna out how to conquer Bitsy and prove he could be the man, the dad, she and their daughter required. I could go on and on extolling the virtues of Roman and his push to help Bea safe her future, but the better if you read in addition to experience this man with regard to yourself. (Also, can there be anything sexier than watching a grown, brawny man convert into a doting in addition to adoring father only with regard to his child? If right now there is I am currently too distracted to think of it. )

I adored how Halloween factored so prominently in the particular storyline and with the particular characters. It wasnt simply a becostumed holiday, it had been sort of a traveling force and an response all in one. I also loved and appreciated the imagination and humour that proceeded to go into the small town's gazette. Honestly, this publication just made me feel almost all glowy-warm and happy. There's a lot to appreciate in this particular book, and, regardless of your desired sub-genre inside romance, there is anything for every fan of true love and happily ever after.

Which cover; yowza!!!

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