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We liked it. It was a good read with plausible theme and settings. The quickness in which the author located the protagonast may have been too swift or " Poof here it is" but it worked. I treasured the fact that this individual was merely a regular guy, going about his business, and finds himself trapped in events where this individual does not have any control.
I look forward to the sequal., Great tale great concept stayed with the primary character also a nice blend of mythology can't say enough good things about this book you won't regret buying that one.. let's have more please, I truly enjoyed the guide, good story well informed. It might have been five stars but formating it as a textbook was HIGHLY annoying. Author, please realize that textbook makes the reading experience horrible for most situations. An individual do your grave disservice by choosing this method of publishing your work., First, I've read the web serial this is dependent upon. Since that website is affiliated with Amazon, We can say it was Royalroadl. com.

Secondly, this was a GREAT read then. I loved the way the character and writer evolved as time went by.

Thirdly, this REALLY reminded me in some ways of the Fimbulwinter Series by William E. Brown. (but PG-13... you know why if you've read Fimbulwinter). So if you liked that style of lost modern man on magic world and has to get by with just his own modern perspective. Even though he does have a certain 'cheat' as they call it up to help things along. Then you may come to love this story as I did.

The writer did seemingly do his research, so you do get that sensation that it is a very plausible world you're swept up into. My suspension was not disbelieving at all.

good times! so continue reading!

Excelsior!, With regard to a book sold on Amazon with Kindle edition - it's not downloadable to many devices (not my Kindel Keyboard or Kindle Paperwhite) which, considering how simply automated publishers are for Kindle now is forzoso., some sort of strange formatting of this book makes it completely unreadable on a tiny screen like a telephone perhaps it's readable over a tablet it looks like some strange mashup of PDF appear reading extremely small microscopic text formatted in a bizarre manner you will love this guide, Good story, nice development. Format of writing and font is a problem. Possessing to enlarge each web page a problem caused by the smaller font. Looking forward to second book and hoping the format and font issue is repaired., 1. The story is engaging and entertaining, option good part.
2, The frequent and am do mean frequent transitioning between 1st person and 3rd person within the same paragraph, often in the same sentence is
jarring and detracts from the immersion in the tale.
3. The inability of the author to decide which tense he is going to write in within the same sentence is prevalent throughout EVERY page often going
from previous to provide within a sentence.
4. Missing words, in, of, and, to, from, etc, and so on, etc, drop this viewer right out from the story, while trying to parse the sentence and meaning.
5. The fact that this is sold on Kindle Unlimited and can NOT be downloaded to a KINDLE is pure neglect on the part of both author and
Items 2 through 5 cause a generous 2 star rating as opposed to what could be a 4 star initial effort by this creator.
Weak execution, terrible grammar, terrible editing, we the viewers can easily hope for better in book two.

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