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I cannot remember EVER paying almost 10. 00 for a P & P variation.. there is no need. However, I had some Amazon credit and opted for it. I am THUS glad Used to do. this guide is definitely wonderful. After i put it down to i. e., go to sleep, I could not wait around to get back into it. Things happen so fast, one event after the other with scarcely time to catch your breath. Lady Anne Darcy is still alive in this guide, but you find out right away, that Georgianna is not. The earl and Countess are kind and loving towards our Elizabeth, being Darcy from the beginning. The Bennets, however (with the exception of Jane and Kitty) are BEYOND THE SOFT! Mr Bennet is self-centered and self-absorbed, Mrs Bennett is cruel and silly, Mary is her pontificating best, Lydia is one you want to just stick a sock in her mouth and conceal her in the coat room. Caroline is more evil than we now have ever seen her, and the Rosings duo are two of a kind, and Collins, well let's just say he is a dipstick of the first water! The story is beautifully laid out, and the writing puts you right in their lives. I HIGHLY recommend the book even at the high price... I don't think you will second guess. It is not a crumpets and tea guide, it is an whole holiday meal. Loved it, and if I got to say anything negative at all, it would be that I didn't treatment for calling elizabeth 'Beth'. The name just will not fit the darling accomplished woman we know and love., The book built most of its plot on the the accident that Elizabeth suffered while the girl was wandering unaccompanied around the Derbyshire countryside, although it's unlikely that the Gardiners, a most respectable couple, could have abjured their duties & allowed this when she was so far from home. However , once that flawed idea was accepted the story developed into a compelling story of overcoming loss & perseverance in the face life's challenges. Initially, the long sections of descriptive prose inhibited the introduction of a real connection to the characters, even though their actions were either excellent or utterly despicable. However, since the book progressed more conversational exchanges took place & the characters became more relatable. The story became quite intriguing from this point onwards & the quality of the narrative greatly improved.

Story Summary:

Elizabeth was serverely injured & trapped under a lightning damaged shrub. Darcy observed this happen & facilitated her removing to Pemberley. Informed of the loss of their daughter the Bennet parents shrugged it off & did not take the disappearance seriously. An inept local constable reported to the concerned Gardiners that their neice was kidnapped, by gypsies! The two Darcys (Mr James Darcy & Georgina had both died under suspicious circumstances) created a false identity of the long-lost cousin (Elizabeth 'Beth' Chamberlyne) to explain her occurrence at Pemberley. Experiencing stupor Beth (a person distinct from Lizzy Bennet) spent some months recuperating before travelling with the Darcys to Netherfield in which a shock awaited her as they arrived during Jane's guérison from the ill-fated horseback journey from Longbourn. The nicer Kitty was breastfeeding her & a conflict between the three siblings took place. It was agreed to conceal Beth's occurrence in Hertfordshire from the remaining Bennet family members, due to their terrible attitudes & behaviours towards 'Lizzy', before & during her absence. Now free of constraints Darcy proffered a tender proposal of marriage which she joyously accepted. The Darcys & their 'cousin' left for London almost immediately after they had obtained the details of life at Longbourn that completed some of the blanks resulting from Beth's memory loss. Unfortunately, as their coach travelled through Meryton it was discovered by a lurking & still vengeful Mr Wickham. Jane, who had accepted Bingley's proposal, & Kitty returned to Longbourn to find out the lay of the land should their cousin return home; it was not promising as marital life to Mr Collins & resumption of her tasks overseeing the estate were all that awaited the girl.

In London Darcy recommended again & presented Beth with a family antique as her engagement engagement ring. The necessary arrangements were put in motion for their marriage. Lady Catherine, with Anne de Bourgh in tow, arrived at the church past too far to stop the ceremony but she tried to infere anyway. Her Darcy & Fitzwilliam relatives formed a united front against the girl plots & she was repaid to Rosing following a blistering rebuke from her brother.

The Darcy family returned to Netherfield in preparation for the ball & attended supper at the Bennet houshold where initially only Lydia recognized her missing cousin. All the others decried the possibility. Mr Collins was his usual unctous self, impressing no one. Eventually, it became obvious that the new Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy was the woman formerly known as Lizzy Bennet. She got legally changed her name to the one directed at her by her new family just prior to the wedding. The Hursts, a nicer version, were also residing at Netherfield by this point in the story. Conscious of Wickham's occurrence in Meryton. Darcy has Col. Fitzwilliam bring a small dagger & lower leg sheath, that had belonged to Georgiana, to give to Beth & to teach her how to use it. Miss Bingley who had been addressing Beth with an increased degree of rudeness was reprimanded by Lady Bea. Threats of ruination were made to Mr Bennet to ensure his family's silence about connection between the two families. At the ball Lord Matlock got an enjoyable time delivering Mr Collins into range (a very amusing scene). During the celebrations a jealous & unstable Caroline Bingley dragged Beth to the deserted library where the girl verbally & physically assaulted her. Viscount Lockhart (the eldest Fiztwilliam son) hid behind the drapes, observed the attack & then accosted the semi-conscious Mrs Darcy, though he was unaware of her wedded state; he had prepared a compromise/seduction. He was subsequently punished for his foul deeds & licentious behaviour. Caroline was seriously upbraided, married to a tradesman & shipped off to America. Wickham abducted Beth & held the girl captive for a short traumatic time until they were found. Matters were finally resolved, like the Bingley wedding. In a comprehensive Epilogue the future lives of the key characters were explained.

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