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Understanding is power! - Nevertheless only if we are able to use our knowledge. Otherwise it's useless. Usually, at school, most youngsters “learn” a lot of things by heart and don't learn how to learn. This is the purpose of this guide: find out how to learn more, in less time.
" The entire quality of life will be determined by your ability to learn, to think, to make your mind perform. "
You will find out in this book that the capacity to process new information is not depending on your IQ (or any other hereditary factor, gender or age). If you learn how to learn, your entire life can change. Understanding and power are not restricted to a few elites or particular " high IQ" specimen. An individual too can access to any knowledge you need, in a record time. All you need is to find out how to learn fast, and much more important, how to acquire profitable knowledge, rather than cram a vast mass of unorganized facts.
Think it over: how import is your level of education in your career? Many people assume that getting higher education and levels is a matter of intelligence. Check out this book and get rid of this myth!
The book is divided into five major parts:
1-Evaluate your genuine abilities and define your strategy
2-Reading (how to acquire more information faster)
3-Writing (how to express yourself easier)
4-Remembering (how to retain more)
5-Perform (how to succeed with knowledge tests)
" Accelerated Learning" by Wayne Horton is extremely recommended to everyone who wants to improve their learning faculties. From my experience as an individual trainer I know that many people don't read a lot (of valuable content) because they read slowly and gradually and with difficulties. Many people refuse to acquire rewarding because it takes too much effort. The majority of want everything fast and easy. When learning becomes laborious, they give up.
Here is a solution. However , learning how to learn needs an effort. There is no magic powder in this book. No sound to become while you are in bed. The process will take hard work. Nobody can do this in your place. But in the conclusion, it will be possible to control your destiny.
Consider the first step and get started., The book is ok, but it seems like the author didn't spend time with the editing of the guide. There are quite a few typos within it. Also, the author claims there are 6 sections in the book, but there are actually just 5. The guide sections are numbered 1-4, then 6. There is no section 5 mentioned previously. The author left gaps in the book that may be important in the long run, or simply didn't take the time to edit the changes he made in the book. For any book on accelerated learning, you would have expected an even more lustrous well written book., I believed I was going to look up from the pages to find a camera team from Punk'd. Somehow I read to chapter 4, but here's an excerpt:
" Today let's put these 3 steps into action. Let's examine these three steps into action. Let's exam each of these techniques in detail, along with tangible example of what they will accomplish for you. ", It was a good read. I'm keen on learning new stuff all the time, but since time goes by I become older so it's getting an increasingly to learn something new. This guide helps you to rearrange logically all stuff in your thoughts. If you have ever before considered speed reading, this book has few gems about it as well., This book is perfect to train yourself how to read faster and learn quicker than before. This covers everything that you have not been taught in high school properly., The creator makes some interesting factors, I'll give the book that. What is there might prove useful. It's what's not there that really helps to make the difference though. The published book is 19 chapters of a 24 section e-book. Five sections of a six section original book entitled " The 5 Minute Learning Machine". The book references itself by this title. This is meant to have an index it really does not have. There are numerous grammatical errors, even in paragraphs where the creator is extolling his method's capacity to give you mastery over reading and writing... The same words in a sentence may be repeated up to 3 times in a row, as if the creator: had stuttered had stuttered had stuttered. Even the line breaks are wrong on many pages, with sentences taking up the very first inch of a line then a full new line to keep the same phrase. If it were a complete book, it could get higher marks from me. If it were edited properly, it would get higher marks too. I'll give it 2 stars for maybe having part of what advertises..., This was a good one. I desired to find something to help me with practicing learning a foreign language. This book gave me tips to help with all aspects of learning and memory. Very informative and helpful, If you are a struggling student in any stage of your life, I would suggest reading this guide. It offers general tips how to analyze, prep, and take tests. It gives a few cases but I felt some of it was lacking. I give this 4 stars because I felt that almost all of it was "word count fillers", also the strategies advised, I've sent applications for years... THEY WILL WORK! Perfect for a refresher though. For this reason I lost interest around chapter 14-16. I did finish reading the book, buying a little gold nugget, but didn't find it lol.

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