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I first learned about Human Design several years in the past but at first I was really confused by it. Gates, portals, I didn't want to even keep track of all the intricacies. I didn't do much with the information because I didn't understand it! I then found Karen Curry Parker and was amazed at how exciting and fresh she made Human Style. Suddenly I could " hear" it speaking to me. I just received Karen's book and adored reading the stories from the experts how Human Design has worked in their lives. It's not complicated at all! It's like this personal letter from the Universe to you with your functioning instructions. This book is satisfying a thirst I experienced... and I'm looking forward to learning more about Human Style., Dear Karen and Michelle,

Thank you for delivering this very insightful letter about your book. Congrats on the success of your book 'Abundance by Design'. I know it will help so many.

Your book brought up some interesting thoughts for me about my own 'abundance'. I thought you may want to hear about what came up.

Abundance comes in the most unusual way sometimes. As an example. I love having a simplistic way of living. Frugality has brought me great abundance. Sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it? However, if you look deeper...

Learning to survive 'less is more'. I never truly understood that which was this meant, 'less is more', until late is obviously. Finally, the understanding has had such peace and relaxed to my heart. Modifying one's life to have 'time' is abundance. Dwelling a simplistic and structured life style creates time. And isn't that what everyone wants? Time. Time to follow their passion and be happy.
Abundance is knowing I can be comfortable and happy not always fitting in to our 'class'run society. Abundance is being able to slow down to make time to respond to your letter.
Abundance is having time to stop and sit on the floor with my aging pup. Listen to her heart. Feel her breath. Abundance has been able to keep my calm in tragic situations. Abundance is having time to discover who I am also to learn about everything. Abundance is being able to stay out from the flow of everyone attempting to fit their rounded peg into a rectangular holes.
Large quantity is knowing I avoid have to travel the entire world to experience the journey. Abundance is feeling comfortable in my skin Large quantity is setting my own plan.

So, as you say, the paths to 'abundance' are as many as the folks who seek it. Sometimes, you find abundance in the tiniest of things.

Thank you for reminding me to consider my abundance.

Warm regards,
Gail Black, This book is great and all the authors bring a great perspective how individual design has changed their lives. I love that you are able to acquire a free chart and go through the book yourself... not sure the actual other reviewer is going on about there. I personally am using a blast with my chart and the book, and seeing how I can create more abundance in my life... ps) uncertain about that proof reading comment either... looks like there are some trolls about. Significantly a good book, you won't regret getting., Excellent read. I would recommend this guide to everyone who has tried every " law of attraction" advice to get results. You might find this has the missing piece.
Annita Keane. Amazon best selling author, I love how you can use human design with kids, it's given me a totally new way of understanding my family and myself and how we interact with each other. Highly recommend abundance by design and suggest chapters " family" and " vision" for understanding your kids human design., Karen Curry and company [yeah Life Designer Quay R. Whitlock! ] have written a lovely followup companion to Karen's first book Understanding Human Style on ABUNDANCE!!! Super delicious people!!

Each of the writers have their own unique design and story... which must be read to be valued. THAT is human design - unique to you, so if the stories do not resonate [which some just must], for individuals who have an appreciation for HD, you will totally get and like this book. As a 6/2 Generator - I will sit with this review and ponder it before sending... hahaha... thanks Karen and Company. for making HD not only understandable but pleasurable to learn while learning [its really heady stuff but in Karen's hands and her company you will get it!!! Happy reading and cheers

[btw I own the kindle and book version and clearly this book/kindle or not, it was proofread... easy read], While some of the contributions could have used an editor, all are genuine and all testify to how the power of understanding and using Human Style can create a important shift in one's life, including areas of abundance. Only you can figure out what abundance means to you, but feeling supported and talented by the universe is the main theme in this book. The last section reviewing the basic tennants of Human Style and written by Karen are excellent, as are all her writings., I love stories. I adored reading about each person; their life, and how they have got each used human design to achieve fulfillment. This book helps shift the concept of Abundance into something that is more about sufficiency, accepting our unique make-up, and adoring it by living a life that is genuine to each person. A total " Law of Attraction" and Manifesting game corriger! (or ?nternet site like to call it, WOMANesting )

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