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Alexie takes us to unexpected places and writes in a voice that is hard to put down. He shares with us information from his culture. The reading of his beautifully constructed wording and other short stories engaged me from the beginning. These stories work as fleshed-out explorations of figures, and are memorable. It story itself is a stand-out. If you like this book, I additionally recommend you check out some of Alexie's works around the web. His humor and talent for description would be the powers of a masterful writer., This is a fun read. I jeered and I cried when I read it. I actually read the whole book in just one day. Arnold Soul Jr, aka Junior, the key character narrates his life from the Spokane Indian native Reservation. He takes the reader on a trip inside the life of a full blooded Indian native, that feels half Indian native half white. The history starts with the difficult life he has brought so far, he has an alcoholic father, a frustrated mother, a best friend who is a jerk, and he was born with excess fluid in his brain creating a variety of medical issues. The storyline follows him through deaths, alcoholism, basketballs games, female friends, best friends, poverty, lovato, and many other teen issues. He likes to draw cartoons, and the cartoons in the book often show more emotion than his words express and they let the reader deep inside Junior’s thoughts and feelings. It truly is humorous and sad. The particular book is real, debatable and even offensive occasionally., This is my 3rd reading, and this time, it was with my 14 yr old daughter.: -)

I am a Native American Indian, White Hill Apache, who has matured on the reservation. I am aware what poverty is, first hand, and it's reality is what is described in this book. I know very well what it is like to live on a " Bordertown" and constantly dealing with harassments like, " DWI.... Driving While Indian".
Sherman Alexie brings a voice to dwelling on the reservation and the realism of growing up in alcoholism and poverty. But, he also shows the ultimate family unit that Native Americans live by. We live with our Elders, we do not put them in nursing homes. The Grandmother has got the same spirit as Arnold's. She is my heroine in this novel.
Furthermore, Native American's love their children fiercely, through every social sin of being Native American. (Social Bad thing - Alcoholism, poverty and living on a Reservation)
You never know how you impact life, if you never try.
Thank you Sherman Alexie.
Another " Part Time Indian"., I'm about twenty-five years older than the target audience for this book, but I don't have read anything this nicely written or affecting in a long time. The protagonist's voice came through as completely traditional and truthful, and the tumultuous storyline kept me interested. The particular characters in this guide are very well-drawn, with a great deal of level. And I was overcome by Junior's perseverance and strength in a new that seemed to be against him much of the time. The fact that he could keep a sense of humor and levity amidst such dark situations endeared me to him. Teenagers (and anyone, really) can learn a lot from this book. As a bonus, Junior's character is very easy to relate to, and struggles with universal issues many teens face, Indian or not.

On another notice, I were raised not far from an Indian reservation in New York express and I have to admit I had formed pretty much no idea what life was like for those dwelling there. I shared the same preconceived notions about Indians that the creator mentions in the guide: that they were getting rich from all those casinos and tax-free smokes deeply in love with the rez. This particular book set me straight and and I commend it for being not only entertaining, but educational in a low-key, accessible way., Whatever your age, whatever your social standing, this guide should be on your reading list. Arnold Soul is witty, honest, and unapologetic about life on the rez and moving outside social and comfort boundaries alone for the sake of his future.

People often say a book will make you "laugh and cry", but this one... that one really will. if you've never recently been on a native reservation, it will open your eyes to the coronary heart tearing truth of what it all too often is like.

But this isn't merely a story in regards to a "part time Indian". Viewers will find a little bit of Arnold's Soul exists in all of us, and deserve to know we aren't alone. Life can bring disaster. Sometimes more than it appears possible to handle. Nevertheless, even I'm the middle of the deepest pain, we can find hope, reasons to laugh, and ways to smile. Inside fact, it's necessary.

This guide is charming, moving, and can awaken tears from your hardest souls. Pick it up. Read it. It's worth every penny., Alexie does a great job of portraying life on the reservation in this novel. Seems like I'm listening to an old good friend telling stories. I LOVE REALLY LIKE LOVE this book. I laughed and cried., It was a very good guide that stays with you for some time after you read it. The writing style is unique and the cartoons add a little extra something. This is a YA book, most likely the best YA book I have ever read. The prizes that were given to it were well deserved., My 14 yr old read this recently, I'm going to read it myself. The son doesn't really enjoy reading and I try to find books he will get into and enjoy, He really liked this book because I think this individual was able to associate to the key character a lot. We have been Apache and stay in a predominantly non-Native area, Trying to find a lover of Sherman Alexie's publications for a long time, I'm glad he wrote one that my kid loved so much.

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