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We are a true crime fan and this is one of the most engrossing and well researched books We have ever read. A fantastic read!, I was wondering as I check out this history if it was heading to have a sad ending, and it performed in more ways than one. I wonder how I am going to feel after seeing the movie. Life sometimes can be a tragedy., ABOVE SUSPICION by Joe Sharkey is one of the better true crime reads--ever.

Undoubtedly, the very first 20 pct of the book includes a lot of character history and geographical information, which could erroneously lead a reader to think " ho hum. " However it's interesting data, and someone learns a whole lot about the people engaged, the history of the area and insight into well-known feud between the Hatfields and McCoys.

Once the storyline fully leg techinques in at this point of the book, it quickly becomes a read difficult to put down.

In the beginning only having general knowledge of the book, I was surprised to find that the tale is one I never could have anticipated. Nor could I have conceived of experiencing the level of empathy I have for everyone involved with this tale.

For the first time around me, I found myself greatly moved with compassion for the perpetrator of the crime, FBI Special Agent Mark Putnam.

If the FBI ever wanted to set an agent upwards to fail, the circumstance Putnam is located into is a prototype. Together with only 16 weeks of basic training, he is given what exactly is considered to be a " problems assignment" in the wilds of Eastern Kentucky, better known as " hillbilly country. "

Navigating the socioeconomic, political, and demographical climate of the area is stressful and demanding. Although Putnam is an idealistic, gung ho, able rookie, he is without advantage of enough supervision and support.

Add to the mix a strange, unorthodox real estate agent in the two person office who's been moved there as a form of addressing performance issues. Couple that with having a wife and young child who are also isolated and struggling. And then stir in a young, female paid informant who develops a crush on Putnam, and it's a recipe for disaster. Just what a devastating tale for everyone involved.

Once again, Sharkey has picked a unique topic in the true crime genre and done a superb job., One of the very best true crime stories I have ever read. I truly couldn't put it down. I have read dozens of true crime books, I could not out this book down. It absolutely was astounding, how Mark Putnam, and his wife, got involved the way they did, with an informant, especially since having been just out of the academy. He appeared too eager to make a name for himself, very fast, and he paid top dollar00 for his crime, afterwards. He not only ended up in jail, but he lost important years with his children, and better half. His wife vowed to stay with him because I think she experienced complicit, which she was, but she died before he was released. Discuss Karma., This was a very good book. We did not expect much from this when I purchased it. But as I kept reading I discovered it hard to put down. Even though results in the end were sad He showed it was the right thing to do. The particular author did a great job in telling the story. You could tell it was well researched as to the facts given by all involved., I had never heard of this book or author but what a story! Starts out in a slow way but it is a fascinating story. Never experienced empathy for a murderer but somehow I experienced that way for your pet. The only thing We didn’t like was the reader didn’t get to know the victim very well. Mcdougal could only tell someone what others thought of her. The FBI real estate agent seems to have been a reasonable person. Goes to show that individuals are capable of doing things they never dreamed of. Also, I would want to know if the victim was proven to be pregnant or if it was obviously a scheme of hers. Very good read. So sad his family had to suffer for years., This is surely a story worth telling, but it is somewhat bumpy. The good parts are more than 5 superstars, and the slow tedious parts are 3 superstars. I now know more about Kentucky folks and landscapes than necessary. We found the FBI informant department to be interesting, and how poor people knew how to put it to use and profit is a factor in this crime. Now I would like to view the movie.

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